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Here is the children in full job


By rolfkjo


We have got som flower seeds from my norwegian frinds and now we start to saw and grow it. Here is the kids helping and learning how to do it :)

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That's great Rolfkjo. Do they enjoy growing the flowers?

15 Jan, 2009


Wonderful photos.
How many children were working on the seedlings ?

15 Jan, 2009


This is a very good project,so good to see the childrens involvement in something that hopefully will improve their future.I wish you well with this........

15 Jan, 2009


They really look as if they are enjoying it - great idea!

15 Jan, 2009


it was 24 children that day Terratoonie but next time I have to select only 10 becouse I lost controll when it was so many kids around me and ask, Yes to grow beautyfull flowers is a good thing to teach the kids, they have never see flowers like this. I will teach them to grow, take care of the plant and sell it in the marked, but it will cost some money so I have colect some money it somewhere, but it is some time before I have to do that :)
It is so good to give children who dont have any thing and they is so happy for everything they get, but the sad part is when some teenages come back from Bangkok with aids who they have got from not so nice men :(.. I cry every time I see a girl sitting alone with tears in her eyes and her life is over in few years.. also when the smaal lovely shildren cry when their mom or father isnt there for them. This is new experience for me becouse in Norway mommy never leave their children

So my momy home project is my life now..

15 Jan, 2009


That is so sad Rolf , i,m sure that whatyou are doing is greatly appreciated , if only we could change the world not the world but the people in it !

15 Jan, 2009


Looks like they are really interested in what they are doing.

15 Jan, 2009


Wow ~ TWENTY FOUR children !!!
Well done ! I can understand how that might have been a little too much at times :o)

It is wonderful for the children to learn from the gardening.
So sad the experiences of some of the teenagers.
Thank you for joining GoY and telling us about your gardening and your life. Good luck with future projects. I will be interested to read what you grow ~
maybe 10 or 12 children at a time. :o)

Thank you, Rolf, for this interesting blog.

15 Jan, 2009


I really like the blogs you have written so far. Children love gardening and particularly watching seeds grow. Thankyou Rolf for bringing this project to my attention.

15 Jan, 2009


Well done for taking this on Rolf. This is a wonderful thing to do.
I have some other friends who are in Thailand and have set up an orphanage there. Dave is teaching the children how to fix engines and how to build with wood and things like that. They really enjoy being there.

17 Jan, 2009


Wow so nice of your friends Gilli to do that, is they in south or in North of Thailand?
Yes The Thai people is very nice people all around Thailand.

17 Jan, 2009


They are in the south of Thailand Rolf. Honestly, I forget the name of the place they are in.

17 Jan, 2009


The children are so lucky to have you help them.

21 Jan, 2009

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