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Clean pond


Cleaned out the pond yesterday we are now down to 27 fish, so they’re gradually disappearing I thought there were 35ish but not. Dandan gave me good advice which was to put some watercress in the cascade and have some more floating plants, so I’ve given it a good start and now sit back and wait.

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That looks so so lovely and when the lillies and floating plants spread more and the watercress grows more and more it'll keep clearer and clearer!

26 May, 2014


Maybe you have too many fish ? There must be a ratio
of fish per square foot ?

26 May, 2014


Hi Dandan yes your right and the floaters are beginning to spread so should be good, thanks Roy.

26 May, 2014


Hi Dianebulley your probably right, Roy.

26 May, 2014


that's looking good Roy. I have also lost fish over the years but not for any particular reason. I notice yours is netted due you get herons?

26 May, 2014


Hi Seaburngirl yes they're disappearing I don't think anything is getting in, and it's netted as well. There's no sign of any predators that's the funny thing, Thank-you for your comment Roy.

26 May, 2014


I enjoy my 130 lt. tropical aquarium They squabble sometimes, but I havent lost any so far. Just have to make sure they are not lurking behind the filter.
Have had it since last January. Every morning wearing my nightie (first job of the day)because it has no sleeves to get wet, I Algae scrub the inside of the glass, vertical then horizontal. The fish clear off up to the end out of my way, then come back when I go to the end. This keeps the glass lovely and clean. Wonder if this is a clue to the longevity of the fish ?
They certainly seem to know me, come to the glass to see me. Like having a family which isnt any trouble, like dog walking in the pouring rain !

27 May, 2014


A year or so ago I read an article about watercress in ponds and apparently it could cause problems with clogging up! You might need some oxygenating weed.

30 May, 2014


Thank-you Linmar I did put some oxygenators as well I'll keep an eye on that, Roy.

31 May, 2014


That looks lovely Roy, not sure whether its the reason obviously but did you realise that if a fish dies for some reason and you don't notice and remove it the other fish will actually eat it, bit like doing their own cleanup...

21 Jun, 2014

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