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Very ordinary, amateur gardener. I have recently retired from work and want to renovate my overgrown garden, for which I had no time when working. My husband has no interest in gardening but mows the lawns. It is not very large - about 100ft by 50ft across the frontage, on a corner plot. The back garden is wedge shaped and quite small, about 60 feet in length and narrowing from 60 feet at the house end to 20 at the end. There are trees on 2 sides - mixed sycamore and beech so we have a lot of shade in summer, indeed the whole area was once part of the local woods. I do not as yet grow vegetables though plan to make room for them next year. I like a natural style and enjoy a slightly unruly look but as I fight an endless battle with ground elder I am considering moving to a more structured design which would make it easier to control the enemy.

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