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A poem from the heart


By shenuk


So spring has finally arrived
The soil is warming up
The grass will soon be luscious
with some feed and a little luck

The plants are all awakening
from their deep and frosty sleep
The bulbs may actually flower
if ive not planted them too deep

The frogs will soon be croaking
calling loudly for a mate
Then lots of wiggly tadpoles
in the pond beside my gate

The butterflies are flickering
like confetti in the sky
The blue tits busy nesting
in the bird box way up high

The seeds have all been planted
I’ve found it all quite fun
I watch their little planty heads
reach up towards the sun

I hope I’ve done my tubers right
I’ve not planted them before
They’ll brighten up the ugly pot
by the greenhouse near the door

I’ll plant a row of sunflowers
in the border at the back
With morning glory intertwined
No colour will it lack

I’ll sit and watch the birds
who all go dancing through the trees
I’ll smell each and every flower
although they make me sneeze

My garden is my haven
A place I truly love
To me its very special
As if sent from up above

So all you budding gardeners
Just get your seedlings sown
Then you will have a bit heaven
You too can call your own

You’ll soon see all the plantees
poking their heads through
And if you need inspiration
Just sign up to Grows On You!

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very inspirational :)))

18 Apr, 2012


bravo bravo..nice one!

frosty sleep, wiggly tadpoles, planty heads, sneezes and planties..excellent

18 Apr, 2012


Very good - well done you! Sounds like you too are enjoying GoY as much as I do. :o)

18 Apr, 2012


Thanks all :) Skip.. I just love the made up words. Not very 'Queens English' I know but that's probably my childish side coming out! haha..

18 Apr, 2012


Wonderful little poem Shenuk. lovely

18 Apr, 2012


Shenuk thats really good, I love it, added to my favs...

18 Apr, 2012


Wonderful verses, Shenuk
Well done :o)))

18 Apr, 2012


Oh I do like your poem well done......clever you.

18 Apr, 2012


Thanks all. It came from sitting looking out through the rain at the garden thinking of all the things I hope to see / do. Tomorrow I shall don the wellies and get out there, no matter what!

18 Apr, 2012


Good for you.....

19 Apr, 2012


excellent ... love it :)

25 Apr, 2012

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