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Too nice for gardening?


A crisp and frosty morning, turned into one of those rare (for this winter) beautiful days. The sun shone brightly and I was looking forward to starting on a raised veg bed.

Luckily for the sides of the bed I had plenty of wood that would be ideal. Left over fencing piled behind the shed would do the trick nicely. However I could not find any suitable timber to use as corner supports to screw the sides on to.

Being a canny Scot and already happily saving some money by utilising the fencing, I decided to bite the bullet and go down to the nearest DIY shop to pick up a piece of timber. Of course I perused the latest bits and bobs in the gardening section and having decided to walk a mile in beautiful sunshine, trailing a piece of wood back lost its appeal.

Instead I decided to get the peppers and broccoli started, so I bought a small cheap plastic propogator along with a lot of little grow pods and planted them half with peppers (california wonder) and the other with broccoli. The seeds I picked up on Friday from Wilco – much cheaper than other places, but I wonder what the quality will be like.

I had planned to do more in the afternoon, but my wife insisted it was too nice for gardening and we took Shiloh for a long walk in local woodlands. Faced with spending the afternoon in the garden or racing through the woods. I know what he will chose.

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Too 'nice' for gardening ? ... LOL :D
I hope you all enjoyed your walk !

Good luck with your raised bed. I hope your vegetables do well, and I wish you much success.

I grow my vegetables in the flower beds, between all the perennials and annuals. They look all right.
I also grow lots in tubs, with varying amounts of success - had lovely potatoes last year :o)
And I grow Tomatoes in a perspex shelter, between all my pots of Fuchsias and Pelargoniums :)

I have often bought seeds in Wilko. I don't think they are different to any others.

15 Feb, 2016


Will be great to see the progress and how everything takes shape!!

15 Feb, 2016


Lovely dry days filled with sunshine have been few and far between lately so I don't blame you for going for a walk, Garden Centres are notorious for sidetracking a person away from the object of the visit.....

15 Feb, 2016


I always insist on an hour in the garden before my husband gets me to join him for a walk. We have had nearly a week of beautiful days in Glasgow.......unheard of I think. It is really cold tho'.

15 Feb, 2016


It certainly has been a beautiful spell, the forecast is for a change in the afternoon. Ah well, it was nice while it lasted and my boss will insist I work rather than garden.

Thanks Hywel, glad to hear you have had success with Wilco seeds in the past.

15 Feb, 2016

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