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Slowly does it.


By smoo


The garden is very slowly coming together now. I’ve had to tell myself to stop spending on all the lovely plants i keep seeing and get on with the jobs that i can do but typically the weather has not been helping me get on with things. That and my weird work patterns!

I’ve finished painting one side of the fence in a lovely willow finish to mask the varying shades of brown and orange, i started on the back fence today but efforts have been halted by the rain!
Whist doing this i realised that i was sticking to the ground by very sticky damp clay soil. Realising that all that manure spreading last autumn didn’t stretch to that area so i must remember to dig some in before i splurge on the amelanchier tree :D

I did a soil test and couple of days ago to check weather the conditions would be right for the tree. I remember Bamboo saying they preferred neutral to acid soil (thank you)
Well i did the test but as the soil was so sticky not much of the water and powder penetrated it so i gave it a good hard shake and left it be. The water turned yellow which indicated acidic soil which is good, now it has turned green indicating neutral so im guessing i have the right conditions for the amelanchier :D

Just need to chuck a lot of soil conditioner in there and improve the drainage!

I’m digging in a load of manure to my flower border, once i’ve done this i’m going to plant my potted perennials that i transferred from my old garden! They’ve been sat in pots for nearly two years so i’m looking forward to getting them in the ground at last and giving them room to grow!
I’ve also treated myself to a honeysuckle which i’m hoping will be the backdrop for the border, it’s all getting very exciting. It’s taken me so long to get to this point, its almost like its becoming a “real” garden now.

I even made my own bee house :) Although right now all i seem to have is lots of ladybirds so they are more than welcome to move in whist waiting for the bees :D

Anyway, i’m blabbing on. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks there will be more going on and lots more pictures to post! Be back soon!


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I love the colour you have chosen for the fence. I'm just starting off so will be following your progress and look forward to some more piccies. Good luck and enjoy. x

13 Apr, 2012


Thank you so much! :D It took me a long time to decide on the colour, i wasn't even sure after a tester pot, in the end i just went for it! So glad i did, its so different from the norm and will go well with my cottage/wildlife theme for the garden. I look forward to updating! x

13 Apr, 2012


I understand the temptation when you see wonderful plants for sale ! You've been busy .. well done on the painting etc.

Which variety honeysuckle did you buy ?

13 Apr, 2012


Busy , busy , busy !
Plant buying is an addiction really , Smoo .
I'll wait to see progress .

13 Apr, 2012


Thanks :) I know i am thoroughly addicted! Doesnt help that my local garden centre has their own wildlife friendly plant stand! :D

Terratoonie - I bought the "Graham Thomas" variety, deciduous, i love the colour of the flowers and the scent is supposed to be really yummy too :) cant wait to see it cover the fence :D

13 Apr, 2012


Oh heck, thats the colour I have for my fences, trouble is I have had it in the shed for a few years now and so far I've only used it to paint my new raised bed, lol, which I admit does look good as your fence does. I like the gardening not the DIY.
It will be a really good feeling when you get your plants into the garden again especially after two years, my Amelanchier is planted in clay and loves it,lets hope it gives you a few more hours of sunshine when you are able to get into the garden to carry on with your gardening and painting...

13 Apr, 2012


Thanks lincs :) I like the diy and the gardening, although painting the fence does become a bit tedious after a while. I managed to get the teasel and one of my potted campanula in the ground on monday. Its rained and blowed a hooly since then so im glad i got it done! Also moved the buddleja and prepared the site where the amelanchier will go... Lots of wormies in the ground which is good!

Now waiting for some dry weather so i can get cracking on the rest of it! Looking forward to my sunday trip to the garden centre to look at (buy) the tree :D

18 Apr, 2012

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