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Music For Plants


By sueb


Did you see the item on BBC breakfast news about music for plants? It was saying that plants respond to music making them grow and flourish.

It got me thinking OK so what kind of music do plants really like Classical, Rock, Pop.
What are your thoughts on this subject? Do you play music to your plants? Anyone fancy trying it out?

I have added a link so you can read all about it.
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I heard about that several times and apparently it is quite true that plants do grow better if you talk or play music to them. What type of music would they like however - no idea. I might give it a go.

25 Mar, 2011


not sure the neighbours would like it sue lol
i thin k they would like classical myself, nothing to haevy or they may not want to show their heads lol

25 Mar, 2011


douglas bean, barbara and tom good.

I loved that episode of the goodlife.

25 Mar, 2011


Mariek ~ I had heard of it to. I think it will be fun to find out!
San ~ I have this mental picture in my head now you sitting at your easel painting flowers swaying to Mozart. Oh dear... to much sun today!

Seaburngirl ~ I have just watched that episode on youtube I had forgotten about it's brilliant! Think I must do the bean experiment but no Douglas for me has to be
Sean Bean! I planted some Beans this afternoon. Ummm!Lol

25 Mar, 2011


I think they'd appreciate 'Flowers in the Rain' from the 1960s

25 Mar, 2011


Very good Andrew.

26 Mar, 2011

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