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How to stop seedlings going leggy


I hope this helps some people growing in doors or are beginners.

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I will look at the link later ta 3d.
I think many of us are to blame as we are so eager to get things growing that we start them off too soon. I don't start most things off until the mid suggestion on the seed packet. Tomatoes go in late march and then they don't get too tall for the propagators. I also think many houses are 'too' warm for the seedlings so they also get leggy. most of our friends have their houses at 20-22c [and they grumble at fuel bills!!] ours is 18 at the most and I love my jumpers and cardies if I feel cold. or is that I am married to a true Yorkshire man :o))

4 Mar, 2019


Interesting. I too am guilty of starting seeds far too early and currently have a porch (very cool in there) full of baby nasturtiums. They are tall and leggy but I turn the pot/trough around daily at least, pinch the tops out when they're big enough, and last year had a lovely display all summer. I do know some plants will be more finicky than nasturtiums. Seaburngirl, you're obviously made from True Northern Grit. Ha-ha!

4 Mar, 2019


Thank you Seaburngirl.

I ve in years past had that white mould on mine growing inside my house but I seldom have heating on as I was bought up with coal fires as a child no heating in the bedrooms either my mother never had heating on even at 87 years old through cost.

A gas man advised me never to have C/H on more than 20degrees as above it eats your money so I stick to 15 or 18 like you if its really cold. Lol my 46 year old daughter is married to a true Yorkshire man she too never has heating on what so ever she can not afford it she says food comes first having kids she and her husband are carers in Wyke Yorkshire so minium wage even though she is qualified to give out medication.

4 Mar, 2019


Thank you Sunnydais very true they head towards the light or sun my garden plants that are facing south all grow towards the south only a few are growing straight up so yes some are more finicky than others.

4 Mar, 2019


The video doesn't really address the biggest problem of what do you do on wintery days. Make the reflective shoe box, but even a cheap grow light suspended above will work wonders. I just started some violas. They were in a box that kept them dark, but as soon as there were enough seeds starting to germinate, I put them in a window sill with a cheap 45 watt grow light. They stopped stretching and started growing true leaves. I germinated chillies last year with the light and had fruit a month before anyone else.

4 Mar, 2019


Good idea Wylie for those that can afford it.

Lots of people here can't afford food to feed their families they have to go to food banks then their universal credit get reduced because of the food banks even if on a low wage working and with electric bills rising so high a lot are sitting in the dark no lights also they are putting on extra clothing to keep warm going with out heating as said above most can't afford to pay their council tax or rent even. They even have to cut their own hair and are swopping jobs they can't do with their friends and neighbours.

4 Mar, 2019


As someone that lives in urban Manchester I totally agree with you on how much people are struggling financially. It's horrible to see, especially when kids are involved.
If you use cinnamon in your baking, a light sprinkle on the seeding soil can help stop moulds. Watering with cold chamomile tea is said to help too

4 Mar, 2019


. Thank you Darren yes it horrible to see child's at the brunt end of it. Also thank you for your tips on mould also watering.

4 Mar, 2019


Thank you for the reminder of how people are struggling. I'm afraid our house is kept warm but we use night storage and we have solar panels and the whole house is very well insulated so our bills are not bad. (We had the solar panels installed when the government incentive meant the payment for what went to the grid was very much higher than it is now) I count my blessings so often.

4 Mar, 2019


I don't blame you Steragram for getting the solar panels with government incentive when it was on offer. You have to fore see the way things are heading in this country now especially as you get older. I only put my heating on when it gets extremely cold other than that I am in my fleece dressing gown over my clothes and a quilt over me as it gets colder.

5 Mar, 2019

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