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Seeds of Terror


Just to warn any of you if you recieve any free seeds from China which you have nt ordered or get free with any other order and it says free seeds from China with your order as many even here in the UK have recieved they are telling you not to open nor grow these seeds and report it.

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Wow 3d I just watched it. I've bought things on ebay before now that came from China but not since this Covid and their cover up. (I had some spouts to put on bottles to put in pots but not found a bottle to fit them! More fool me). I'd sooner pay double because none of us is sure what's coming out of there either as seeds, or in any other kind of packaging. It makes me shiver when I think of Salisbury and how easily thousands could have been killed. Same sort of M.O.

12 Aug, 2020


I read about this too - and did you see that they're not all labelled as seeds? Some are misleadingly labelled as eg jewelry. Wold love to know what the packets really contain!

12 Aug, 2020


Thank you Thorneyside a lot of things get covered up even by our own its just keeping up with research of things of what really goes on at the cost of our safety but a lot are like sheep and follow as they dont like truth I ve already upset a member here on another subject so I told her to report or flag me .

I am like you I would rather pay extra and know its safe and I never eat any foods nor if it contains ingredients from China I was watching on tv if garlic is from China it has no roots attached and they soak it in a poison before its shipped here.

12 Aug, 2020


Thank you Seaburngirl yes I did notice I discovered this as I read public replies where there are a lot of people in the know in their jobs in the news coloumns on public replies also you tube where most are saying they are going to boycott buying things that come from China and some one left this link.
I am pleased to see you to research Seaburngirl 😀 yes I would love to know what the real contents in these un named packets are as I find it strange they are sending them free considering they recently had 3 dams burst distroying all their crops.
America wont be able to help them as their crops are being dumped and not many are farming food because of this covid it said on a documentary.

12 Aug, 2020


Interesting.I ordered nusturtium seeds back in March which I later realised were from China(they were on eBay)They were never arriving so eBay refunded me but lo and behold one day last week they arrived.Inside along with the nasturtium seeds were a “free packet of safflower seeds”
Thank goodness I didn’t plant them as I thought,too late now but I chucked them in garage and thought I’ll try them next year!!

13 Aug, 2020


Thank you Geradine at least your seeds were not labled jewelry. It would be interesting to know if your Safflower seeds are what they say .

18 Aug, 2020


I might put them in a pot and see what happens but I’d probably have to wait til next year now.

19 Aug, 2020

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