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I hope this can be stopped


Culling of whales and dolphins I thought had stopped .

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I couldn't read it all, it was too sickening. Yes such a disgusting thing should be stopped.

26 Jul, 2020


sadly not, if it counts as an indigenous cultural practise it is still allowed, as is 'for scientific research'.

26 Jul, 2020


Scientific research??? Pigs might fly.

26 Jul, 2020


I didn’t actually look at the site, Dawn. I can’t bear to read or watch cruelty to animals..I know it’s naive, but, I just can’t.

26 Jul, 2020


I won't watch such things either, I certainly don't agree with it...

27 Jul, 2020


Thank you all for taking interest in the culling of whales and dolphins petition link. I can inderstand some cant bare to look because of the cruelty .
Thank you Seaburngirl yes I know if its their culture they are allowed to cull so many whales a year but I have never heard of the dolphins being part of any ones culture to cull them.

27 Jul, 2020


Thats ok Paul yes humans wont be satisfied until they are driven into extinction like destrorying the rainforests and depriving other animals of their habitats same with our lot building on our green belts.

28 Jul, 2020

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