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when i moved into my house two years ago, the garden was badly overgrown, with shrubs, trees, bushes, and climbers. Most of which i couldn't name and had little knowledge of how to care for them. In the first year i provided them with some space, and had to wait to see what they were, by googling the flower type and reading up on its care. Now my garden is'nt perfect, but i'm loving it anyway. I even get compliments, from passers by, on my front garden, which is a first for me! I just love it when i look out my window and see people standing looking at my garden.
I have two children, who are teenagers now and its no longer cool to hang with mummy, so i guess my garden has become my next baby.
I also love my dog ( not so much when she's following a hedgehog sent and standing in my flower beds tho!),
my neighbours and i share a family of hedgehog's. I also grow veg in a veg garden.
None of my friends are keen gardeners, so when i stumbled on this site, i thought i'd join.

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