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By AndrewR


One advantage with a larger than average garden is that I can allocate different areas for different ‘themes’. I allocated one bed, beyond the greenhouse, to autumn-flowering perennials. Although it faces north, the bed is very open and gets a lot of sun throughout the year.

To get some early colour into it, I bought some alliums on offer a few years ago; it was a mix of tall white and purple ones. But they turned out to be more interested in making further bulbs than in flowering. This is what the bed looked like this morning.

So I set to and aimed to remove every single one of those flippin’ bulbs. Some had grown among the roots of other plants in the border, so the whole clump had to be dug up and the alliums extracted. Finally, after two hours, I had hopefully got them all out, and was able to plant Wanda primulas in their place. These enjoy an open aspect in winter and spring, but need shadier conditions from summer onwards. With all those autumn-flowering perennials putting on growth, the primulas should relish the conditions.

It will probably be this time next year when I find how many bulbs I missed though.

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IT looks a different bed now. So frustrating when plants multiply but don't create the flowers you planted them for. Reminds me a bit of how Nerine Bowdenii tends to grow in some gardens all bills, foliage and few if any flowers !

28 Mar, 2017


I noticed today we have exactly the same problems, bought lots of Alliums looking for a spectacular display, and at the moment just masses of foliage, in our garden, each plant has to earn it's keep, the garden is too small to tolerate sulking plants...

28 Mar, 2017


I find they produce lots of little bulbs if you don't dead head them. some of the alliums lose their leaves before the flower buds emerge. certainly that's the pattern I've found with cristophii and purple sensation.

love P wanda, display will be pretty.

29 Mar, 2017


I find this is a good time to make changes. You can just see where most plants are but, you can move them before they get too big and you feel sorry for them !!!

29 Mar, 2017


And some digital photos taken at the appropriate time of year shows what needs to be done!

29 Mar, 2017


Missed this blog, probably you have done the same with the Allium bulbs! Blooming nuisance.

16 Apr, 2017


I've got some Allium Mount Everest that I'm having 2nd thoughts about because although the flower heads are swelling nicely the leaves look awful, they are dying back & yellowing as they are wont to do - should I just cut them off?
I did plant geraniums between but they don't disguise very successfully.

21 Apr, 2017


I always cut Allium leaves of when yellowing......doesn't stop them flowering the next year.

21 Apr, 2017


The scissors will be coming out at the w/end then, Paul.

21 Apr, 2017


You probably will be digging out Allium forever. I am trying to keep a pot of various bulbs just in pots to sink into the ground seasonally, whilst I remove the free range Allium, Bluebells, Ipheon, Triteleia, Star of Bethlehem, the list goes on & on of wanton bulbs!

22 Apr, 2017


Oh yes, Sirus, those Spanish bluebells!

22 Apr, 2017

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