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By Arlene


It has been very cold and my garden is frozen but that doesn’t stop my boxers enjoying their walk~

thats not to say that this water wasn’t very cold ~cos it was!!!

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what a lovely walk you had, and the dogs seem to have been enjoying it, lovely photos,

31 Jan, 2011


Thats a lovely area to walk them in Arlene, we`ve had lovely sunshine here again but a mega frost this morning which in the shade has remained frozen all day.
Lovely photo`s, I like the one with them on the bridge......

31 Jan, 2011


enjoyed the walk Arlene, lovely pics to, wouldnt fancy falling in that water brrr :o)

31 Jan, 2011


what a lovely stream - be great for paddling!
dont think the dogs feel the cold like we do.
is it pretty when its snowy and icy too?

31 Jan, 2011


~ thanks everyone~
yes it looks very pretty with frost and snow but gets quite muddy when it melts... There were a kingfisher and Dippers here in the summer~

31 Jan, 2011


A nice walk alongside that stream, Arlene. :-)) Your dogs certainly seem to enjoy themselves when you take them out!

31 Jan, 2011


thanks Balcony~ they don't mind the cold~ roll on warmer weather for me though!!!

31 Jan, 2011


Lovely photos of the dogs Arlene they are lovely, reminds me of my uncles dog whos name was Seth, they moved up here from Wales during the war. Also wonderful scenery you have there with in those woods beautiful.

31 Jan, 2011


It's nice to walk through the woods. I love the little bridge. The dogs don't look as if the cold bothers them lol

1 Feb, 2011


hello arlene,loved your pics and the dogs,i was hopeing to ask about your dogs,my daughter is 17 this year and has always wanted a boxer,and im toying with the idea of getting one for her,we have penny the yorkie and three cats,i have no clue about boxers,temperment or anything,and would appreciate some info on them,we have always had animals,but nothing bigger than the mongrels we always had,would i be takeing on too much and be better looking at something smaller,thankyou for any help,christine

2 Feb, 2011


Hi Christine
We have had boxers since 1971 so I am of course just a little bit biased.
They have a wonderful playful, energetic temperament being loyal and loving and good fun and can sometimes need a firm manner when small or they will take over and run your life.
They are gorgeous as puppies and attract a lot of attention and walks will never be the same again as complete strangers all come over to talk to you.
They enjoy playing with toys and need a lot of exercise ~possibly outside in the garden~and ideally need someone with them most of the time as they thrive on love and attention and company.
They should get on with your other animals but if possible you really need to go and see several litters of small puppies and talk to the breeders and see for yourself.
When we got Henry he took to Harvey straight away~ Harv went with us when we picked him up but he had just lost his older buddy Merlin who he had been with since a puppy and was a bit bewildered by this little bundle of mischief who could lick and bite and then expect to be allowed to curl up with him after biting his ears~ that's all normal puppy behaviour of course and they now go everywhere together. Male dogs are much bigger than females and if you want a smaller quieter dog a female would be best.
Once you have a boxer you won't want anything else and expect your daughter to fall hard if you get a puppy~ if you take an older dog you miss all the fun( and the work of training,however they learn very quickly) but often a rescue dog will fit in just as well.
My son in law is manager of the local RSPCA centre and they never have boxers for very long~ they do usually go quite quickly.~ you can also try Boxer Rescue who rehome dogs who may have lost their elderly owners etc ~there should be a number online or in the telephone directory.
If it is to be your daughter's dog she needs to get involved from day one with the choosing of a puppy or dog and the feeding and training and walking etc..even when it is raining!!!
have a look at epupz etc to get a feel for how puppies look etc but do go to see them before you buy.
If there is anything else I can do send me a pm and I will be happy to help!
best of luck

2 Feb, 2011


thankyou arlene,theres a little bitch at the local dog shelter and im going to have a look at her this weekend,she is a year old and a beauty,will update you when i have seen her,thankyou for the advice it was great,as you know it is a long process thinking about getting a dog as i have to be sure for mine and the dogs sake,christine

3 Feb, 2011

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