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Gone to seed!


I have done rather too good a job on my garden. In endeavouring to make it easy to manage as we are away rather a lot since my husband retired. I now find myself looking under plants to weed! Quite pathetic really.

I grassed over and made a shrubbery of the vegetable garden last year, its still a bit new. However, I do still have soft fruit and we have had nice puddings this year from the raspberries, gooseberries, and rhubarb.

Also blackcurrants, I gained these by mistake at a plant swop. They were only sticks and I thought they were raspberries…..wrong. My husband is not enamoured by them and won’t eat the jam…but… he does like this slightly unusual recipe, which i thought I would share in case there is someone who has not come across it.

Blackcurrant and Mint Pie

1lb blackcurrrants
1 heaped dessertspoon chopped mint
4 oz caster sugar
8oz shortcrust pastry (standard recipe)

Top, tail and wash blackcurrants. Drain thoroughly and put them in a 7 in wide pie dish. Mix the finely chopped mint with the sugar and sprinkle evenly over the blackcurrants.

Roll out the pastry and cover the pie dish. Make a slit in the top for steam to escape. Brush top with a little water and sprinkle a little extra caster sugar.

Bake in a preheated oven on 400 F (mark 6) for 35-40 mins or until golden. Serve the pie cold with a jug of cream. Enjoy!

Glad to hear that the UK has had a lovely summer this year, here in the Pyrenees we have had tropical weather. Extremely hot most of the time and more storms than we have ever known, that haven’t cleared the air. But the garden has thrived and the grass has remained green for much longer and usual, so my husband has been sitting on the mower non-stop :-) When he hasn’t been building the fence….which is 100 metres long…he loves retirement :-)

These are photos of my island bed, it sometimes seems as if I had some idea of what I was doing! I didn’t!

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Lovely, we all learn by trying things out and it looks lovely. Don't worry if you get things wrong, its easy just dig em out and plant something else and put the dug out plants in another bit of the garden. I started off with lots of grass and now only have little pathways of grass and not much grass cutting to do. lol. I like it that way. :O)

13 Aug, 2014


Interesting recipe - who would have thought of putting mint with blackcurrants? Must look to see if there are any left in the freezer.

13 Aug, 2014


I started out with a field olive, and have never really grabbed it by the neck! Only having had nice neat fenced medium size gardens that someone had loved before to work on. So I just let my husband sit on the ride on and go. The ground is very heavy clay that initially need a pick to break it up BEFORE the rotivator :-D

I really enjoyed my veg garden Snoopdog, and quite miss it but after planting the year before last and having to say to friends "just pop in and take what you like" as we were away, I gave it up. Now it is easy shrubs and perennials.

its really worth a try Steragram, I can't wait for next year to make another one :-)

14 Aug, 2014


Me neither!

14 Aug, 2014

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