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september sun ha ha x


hi folks,now thats its october!!! its been a lovely september, not quite the indian one people were saying but still some lovely shades of sunshine, i suppose at this time of the year were gratefull for anything, not been out in the garden as much of late,, veronica has took a bit of a dislike to outside, think its getting too cold for her ha ha but the wee snippits of bits and peices and wee 10 minutes here and there is fine, i dont like the rain so im in and out like a peep on the gas.
its nice to see all ma wee birds back in the garden, went to the local rspb sanctuary with veronica one day last week and had such a lovely time i was compelled to buy a new feeder and seeds, we went pond dipping and had a swell time in the playground made from nothing but trees, it was great seeing all the wild birds,was well impressed so ma next project in the garden is a tree see-saw and i need to grow a tree big enough first to have a tree swing so i think veronicas children will enjoy that x

the big tree seat

me and the OH had a wee day to ourself the other day, no kids all day, on his days off we usually spend time out in the gadren but i thought no i want to go somewhere different for a change something for us, where did we go……..glasgow botanic gardens ha ha, it was great away we went, totally not prepared for the weather, it was freeeeeeezing and pouring of rain so dare to say all the outside gardens got ran by, headed straight for the glasshouses and tropical forest, toasty.

i was amazed by it all, you could hear the plants growing almost, you had the biggest ferns and bannana palms growing beside the most delicate flowers, half of which i cant remember the names of, the bolivian fuchia waow, there are so so many i would love in my garden but have to be realistic, i only took a few pictures had to curb my enthusiasm of wanting to take a picture of every single plant.

red hot cats tails, does anyone grow them, i think there fantastic i love the red foilage beside it to, does anyone know the name of it they r great together but probably too cold to grow here

hywell i thought u would like these

i dont know if these r quotes but i thought the words were lovely

well back to my own garden, i have no patience when it comes to gardening, i wish i could just wake up and its springtime, my garden doesnt look anything just now cos things r starting to die off, flowers are spent, things are going brown and orange and yellow and the garden is taking on a lovely autumn feel, as i said all my birds are back so it sounds divine, leo isnt sitting under there feeder anyway,lazy cat

i have snapdragons just flowering, sowed from seed, think i have sowed them too late, will they be ok to put in the ground just now or will i leave them in pots till spring?

i moved my tree lillies into my border so hopefully next year they will have enough space and i will get a better show because half of them didnt flower, got eaten by slugs or didnt have enough space i think.

i got beautiful gladiolis this year, totally different colours and many more from lastyear, i cut a few for the house, brightened the place upx

went to bnq for compost…..just compost and they had the biggest plant sale on i was like a kid in a candy shop, £1, 50p, i think the most expensive one was, i got a patio rose for a quid!!, astilbe for a quid, french lavander for 50pgranted it look gubbed but the guy assured me it would come back, we shall see, and with my trip to tropics lastweek i went mental and bought a bannana palm for 50p well for 50p ill give it a bash it could turn out to be something wonderfull and a canna lilly for a pound, i get paid in 4 days and im going back to fill ma trolley ha ha x

iv still got lupins starting to flower too so they came good too this year, i cant wait till things start growing again though x
wonder what october will bring????

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Well .... you HAVE been having fun! Love the rescued plants. The red-leaved plant you asked about is a variety of Coleus. My Dad adored these and had dozens of them in pots in the lean-to. Looking forward to seeing photos of your garden next summer when things have filled out. :o)

3 Oct, 2012


Great bargains there hope the sunshines for a little while longer for you to enjoy. :O)

3 Oct, 2012


Oh thanks for showing those cacti. They're magnificent ! I've actually got the second one down, but a much smaller specimen lol

Veronica looks like she's enjoying herself :o) It's nice for children to be taken to interesting places ...

I enjoyed seeing the photos of your garden, and your new plants are great bargains :o)

4 Oct, 2012

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