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its that time of year again x


i dont really know where to start with this ha ha, i sorted through all my photos from my phone and pc and put them into a new folder called garden 14, so ill start at the first photo and see how i get on.
we had a very mild winter in scotland, well my part anyway, icing sugar snow, that was about it, hardly any frost, but waow what an amount of rain, but i cant complain, to what down south had to endure, it was devastating for some parts.
i have a very heavy clay soil in my garden so i presume its not very good drainage so will just need to see whatcomes back up, if the rain had caused any damage, but so far so good.
christmas came and went and so did new year, we had a visitor on the windowledge around christmas, notice the really bad poinsietta on the ledge, dont like them much

indoor bulbs, which are great, i love the smell in the house, first time iv had amyrillis, it was gorgeous

well seen it was christmas, bottles as candle holders, i went a bit diy at christmas, i made tablet parcels for everyone and home made pot pouree from all my dried flowers from the summer garden, with wee candles, scented with cloves and star anise and other christmas spices.

weve also had visitors to the woods and path at the back of my house, they have become regular visitors, they are a family and have seen the stag and doe with the babys, there so relaxed nibbling away on the brambles, its hard to get pictures of them in the growth, these are the best i can do without deer stalking lol, i did try and sneak up last year but they were off so i just let them be haha

I aquired a tractor tyre from a farm near to me, awesome aint it ha ha, at first i was gonna make a massive planter, then a swimming pool, then a seating area and now its housing all my gardeing paraphernalia with a plastic table top on it in the corner for now, its too huge a project just now.

iv really not done anything in the garden over winter, mostly just let it be, our greenhouse we got last year took a hammering with the wind and then fireworks we let off went asquif and broke a few panes so it came down 2 weeks ago.

a close up of the moss growing through the alpine strawberry leaves

my first bunch of daffys from the garden, i had one raised bed packed

wee lady bird x have loads in the garden this year.

my wee visitor came back and continues too, but only if we bake bananna loaf, it loves it ha ha

found nessie in the woods behind my house!!

spring was a great time, it was mild but wet, i love dafodills and all the spring growth, my crocus came back double and spread more

ariel helpingin the garden


i have 2 of these and not sure what they are, i was thinking rhodedendron??

snakes head frittilari, they are lovely this year too, a bit sparse but lovely flowers, i have white ones too, mixed in with blue muscari and wee tete a tete dafodills, cute.

primroses that my neighbour gave me. i have wee purple patches all over the garden.

this was 2 wee wild strawberry plants i brought home from a walk, the have spread like wildfire all over this area. they are so delicious.

from my sweetpeas last year i collected the seed, and when time i started to germinate them, about 2 weeks ago, they have all since died except 6 or so, and 2 of them have grown like this, with lupin leaves, im a bit puzzled but ill keep growing it to see

thought this was sweetx

i bought this last year and never got a flower from it, i have 5 on it now, there so pretty, lollipop primroses.

this was one of my new raised beds i filled with daffodills and tulips for spring

to cut and bring in to the house

over the winter i have collected a few house plants, i got these as babies from my sons biology teacher.
on this one the other day was a wee bug thing, it was hairy, so i squashed it.

i like this too

mexican hat plants, i dont really know what to do with these to leave them as they are or pot them individualy?

i got this for mothers day,i beleive its called callandiva? lovely wee rose flowers.

crassula, or money plant

christmas cactus i bought, there not fairing too well, have had a few new leaves but not a flower yet.

this was an orchid i got last mothers day, i dont really know what to do with it for it to flower again

callathea, rubra, nightmare plant!!

so thats been my time so far, i spent some time out in the garden on tuesday and thats when i started this blog, i weeded, i dug, i moved, i sorted, i clipped, i strimmed and i mowed, i planted and sowed and watered, and it looks like a garden again, im getting excited and i cant stop looking out my window, not much has sucumbed to the weather, so looking good so far, fingers crossed. at the end of the day, this is a good day in the garden in the summer when all you have to do is the ironing ha ha

happy gardening folks and bring on the heat,lots to do and be getting on with, cucumbers, corn im gonna try this year and still not germinated sunflowers or sweet peas yet, im learning x

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Only just found your blogs. I love your enthousiasm, it just fizzes of the page. You have done wonderful things with your plot and so nice to see your family in there too. You take lovely photos. Will be following your progress. Love your nessie vision, on her way to your pond....not to forget your own garden fairy with her pink wellies, your plant stuffed jeans and the sweet pea wigwam thingy, too much to mention. Keep growing girl.

3 May, 2014


How ever did you manage to do all that in just one day?? Its amazing how big tractor tyres look when they are off the tractor! And how wonderful to be able to see fawns from your garden! No wonder you have a good high fence...

3 May, 2014


Blimey certainly set about that garden this spring! From pics of squirrel visitor, I guess you don't live on the ground or even first floor. I'm really impressed that you've taken on responsibility for the communal garden...has anyone else started helping yet? It would be a great thing if it turned into a social thing for everyone wouldn't it? You could have BBQ's and everything. Lovely to have Deer right at your back, but glad you have a good tall fence to keep them off your garden! I've just sown three packs of alpine strawberries to create a low maintenance corner. I hope they grow as well as yours!

3 May, 2014


You've got some lovely plants Andrea, and so nice to see your garden visitors too :)
Your daughter seems to be enjoying the garden. That's nice ...

The plant you call callandiva? is Kalanchoe blossfeldiana :)

Nice to do the ironing in the garden. I enjoy ironing. I find it a very relaxing thing to do :o) Maybe I'll try doing it in the garden next time.

Love the wheel ! lol ...

4 May, 2014


thanks everyone for your lovely comments, i cant wait till the garden looks like the ironing picture again, makes doing such a chore bearable ha ha.
cottagekarer the family that moved in down the stairs the guy does landscaping in the summer so he cuts the grass, but ii strim it, would never let him loose with one of those industrial things, end up with half plants, but no he helps, hes came back with some stuff for me, a half barrell, plants, shrubs, a clump of lily bulbs last week around 30 bulbs, but hes not really hands on with the garden, he just lets me wire in ha ha.
yeah were right at the top of the tower, great views, the squirell clambers up the roughcast and down again, iv nicknamed it ninja squirell, but it only comes for bananna loaf, picky squirells in johnstone, its also half red which is weird.

5 May, 2014


I had missed this one Andrea, all seems to be going well in your garden, I love the pics of the deer and the squirrel, its good that your neighbour has taken an interest as well especially if he's bringing plants and bulbs, it all fills the space and also saves one a few pence to spend on something else, also helpful if he cuts the grass, gives you more time to do the other jobs, know what you mean about the strimmer, I would never let a male loose with one near my plants, lol....

8 May, 2014


lol lincs, i got a shot of his petrol lawnmower yesterday, its the business, i even managed lines ha ha x

8 May, 2014

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