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well and truly winter


well thats us definetley into winter, its freeeezzziiinnnnggg, 3 layers needed now plus a scarf and hat, i love the winter, its so cosy and warm except when ur out i was definetley a squirell in a past life, its like i hibernate, only venturing out when i need to restock the larder.
iv had a few cheeky chaps in the garden, squirells oh and workmen, i nearly died lastweek i looked out into the garden and there was a massive 6 foot deep hole where the slabs used to be and 2 slabs thrown on top of my lupins!!!!!! i have a communal council garden so they dont say when there gonna dig it up, i knew they were digging up the road to lay gas pipes but i didnt think they would dig up the garden, yep they do!!, leaning out the top flat window, nice as pie i said " can you watch my plants please", the guy looked up and laughed, “whit wans ur yours hen” “ALL OF THEM!!” i said ha ha, shaking his head and laughing, every time i looked out the window a new hole was getting started, i didnt think my soil went down that far lol, 6 or 7 feet deep with just spades!!!! give them there due they didnt disturb any of my plants, a few trampled and a couple of bulbs out bt it could have been alot worse, i thought my garden was getting ripped apart, i was nearly crying x
what i did notice with all the soil being turned over the wildlife tha came into the garden was mesmerising, the place was awash with wild birds going crazy for all the bugs n stuff so there was a plus side x

vicky the venus is thriving away in my bathroom, repotted and getting looked after, there are about 5 new shoots x

me and scott got away for a wee night in haddington, near edinburgh, right across the road from our hotel was st marys gardens and church, this place was lovely right in the heart of the community for them all to enjoy, it was all dying back but would have been beautiful in the summer

scott took the advice he got from GoY and made elderberry syrup from our tree, fiddly process getting all the wee berries off but when they were frozen it was easier, i dont know if any of you done this but the smell was like turned milk?


1 jar of elderberry syrup

not tried it yet though.

with it being autumn and all i do love a walk in the woods behind ma house, it never stops changing, its never the same walk and there are always things growing and changing, although it is a marsh pit of paths and unsafe woodland, the forrestry commission have started working on the bottom of the woodland, cleaning and clearing and what a diffrence, just cant wait till they do the path and entrance at ma garden, but never the less its still lovely walking in such a wild wood x

we had a wee game of hide n seek with the kids, while i was down on ma hunkers with veronica i noticed this strange looking goo on certain twigs, it was weird, cold cold but hard like hhhhhmmm how to describe, the consistency…… cornflour n water, like memory foam, it bounced back!!

strange or is this just a common fungus??
like these, again never noticed before until u get up close and personal with the bottom of a tree

so thats what iv been up to the past few weeks, not been out in the garden much, except to pick up pots that have fallen over or to feed the birds,enjoyed halloween and guy fawkes despite me n teenie being loaded with the cold, hope u are all well and enjoying your winter passtimes, staying warm and cosy and waiting on santa coming lol xx

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Winter really hasn't started here yet.Only one frost so far and today was an absolutely gorgeous day.It felt like spring. but, alas, I suspect it's only around the corner!
Roll on December as I have a lovely time playing Santa and it looks like I'm going to be very busy this year.Lots of jobs coming in?

8 Nov, 2012


Three layers? I've been wearing 3 & sometimes 4 layers all through our spring & almost into summer now! No scarf or hat though. However, the past 3 days have been beautiful & have stripped down to two layers. Glad your garden survived the onslaught.

9 Nov, 2012


Interesting blog Andrea :o)
I hibernate aswell lol -
Lovely woods ... I like walking through the leaves (when they're not soggy from the rain lol)
I think the council should have warned you they were going to dig in your garden. I hope they put it back tidy for you.

9 Nov, 2012


Its turned cold this week but thats better than all the wet and damp of the last few weeks, I prefer a dry cold path and an exra layer on myself, its much more comfortable when one does venture out, lol.
It must have been a shock to see your garden being taken over by the workmen, pleased to hear your planting didn`t suffer and at least doing the work now means it has the winter to recover and as you say the birds had a field day..
Lovely pics Andrea, I do like a shuffle amongst the leaves as well.......

9 Nov, 2012

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