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The Onslaught Continues.


By ange2


Well, after having cleared the border behind the garage and installing raised beds, we have continued in our efforts to clear and clean more areas in an effort to make them easier to manage. I am very guilty of overplanting, what my OH calls “plant, hole; hole, plant”. (How true! Guilty as charged.)

We have been working on the 2 areas in front of the back of the house. They don’t look too bad in the photo but they were choc-full of weeds as well as plants. The following pictures show a ‘work in progress’ so there are abandonned plants, pots and wheelbarrows in them all!

First a few photos to show what we were faced with:
Left-hand side:

Right-hand side:

These 2 were a source of frustration as I felt they had no shape, were full of ‘fluff’ and had nothing to anchor them down visually. So we set to work and cleared. Out have gone alpine sedums (Weeds love growing between), lilies (beetles this year), cranesbills (too straggly), 2 roses (a pain to weed round), crocosmias, hollyhocks, persicaria and more various perennials. In fact, a green bin-full and more.

One aim is to remove as much as we can from pots. First into the replanting mix went the yews which have been in pots for a few years. OH (being the mathematician) measured them precisely from the arch. Then we moved a large viburnum sideways and repositioned a ‘Goldy’ thuja to balance with the other in the opposite bed.
This is how it looks now. We have tried to give each plant space to breathe.

Repositioned yews:

Right-hand bed:

Left-hand bed:

‘Goldy’ repositioned:

Potted acer ’Corallinum added after main shrubs moved along a bit!

I know bits will reappear and weeds will pop up, but at least I can hoe around it now! The hellebores on the far side will be culled in the winter when I can see which is which. They have seeded all over…

Now, as the weather looks set fair for the next few days, we have decided the largest, hottest bed will be the lucky recipient of ‘The Treatment’.

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Oh Ange,I fear you are in danger of being like me ha ha! Will there be much more space between the shrubs? Such hard,dedicated work.I do admire you.

10 Oct, 2023


you have a lovely place to be Ange , very lucky. It's nice on sunny days in autumn to be out cleaning up . I move yews a bit as shade lovers too and they seem to be forgiving of it too

11 Oct, 2023


Crikey Ange, have you stopped for food and drink at all? You seem to be hard at it and for quite some time! However, it all looks so tidy and very attractive. I do hope you feel a sense of accomplishment here! Definitely looks good, all round. Love how your little helpers are still overseeing the work!!!

11 Oct, 2023


Although I don't think I could ever reproduce your lovely results, Meadow, it will do me no harm to try and be more like you! I am practising restraint now, and learning lessons from my plant gluttony. It doesn't produce the results I wanted. Less is definitely more!

Glad you like it, Paul. I have moved yews before so hope we shall be lucky. They were getting potbound: quite a wrestling match to get them out, though!

Thanks, Kate. Maudie is underfoot all the time while we're outside, which is surprising as she is usually 'the cat who walks by herself' when it comes to snuggles and cuddles; not keen.

11 Oct, 2023


Lovely looking place you have Ange, can't beat a bit of a good rethink in the garden, think after this year quite a few of us will be doing likewise, I have just dug up all my dahlia tubers as fed up with them falling over, flowers snapping of and providing a banquet for slugs and snails, have put in 3 hydrangea shrubs in their place, also added about 4 big bags of horse manure to hopefully improve the soil, no doubt be other changes as I work through to spring

11 Oct, 2023


Thank you, Davey. You and I must be on the same wavelength! We have planted out a few hydrangeas and I am looking forward to seeing how they go next summer. I, too, am less than enamoured of dahlias, they have been really unimpressive in our garden for all the reasons you describe. I said last year I would't get anymore but went against my better judgement this season and had no more impressive results! A waste of time for me, although I love the brash shades. We ordered a huge delivery of soil conditioner to help improve our clay soil and it's all gone on 3 borders... I hope you enjoy your improvements next season. Keep us posted.

12 Oct, 2023


Wow you have got the bit between your teeth. I can offer B&B if you fancy coming to Yorkshire and getting to grips with mine. I have bad sciatica at the moment so cant do anything in the garden :(

12 Oct, 2023


It looks a bit bare now but maybe next summer when things fill out it won't look so bad.
I've done a similar thing myself.

13 Oct, 2023


If I'm still upright when we've finished, I'll happily take you up on your offer Sbg. So sorry to hear you're suffering and hope things improve for you soon.

Hywel, we have one large bare patch because it's where the alstroemeria used to be. It's the thuggish orange one, so I suspect we shall have to use weedkiller to eliminate it, and didn't want to risk any other plants nearby being scorched. I'm sure it won't stay bald for long!

13 Oct, 2023


I'm in awe of your energy Ange!
All is looking quite smart now: the Yews making a real statement. I agree, the floppy fleshy plants are a pain and my main dahlia is coming out soon too.
Take care don't overdo things..

17 Oct, 2023


It's all slowed down now, Janey, because of the rain.

19 Oct, 2023

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