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Leylandii Time


Well finally I got some electric hedge trimmers and attacked the monstrosity on monday. The hedge was planted by our predecessors 35 yrs ago & separates the front drives between number 6 & number 4. Previous incumbents at number 4 pointed out they were legally blonde err responsible for it even though ones at 6 planted it & they wanted it higher!!!!!
Our garage has a gutter & the hedge went as high say 8ft now its 10 ft or more. At the top its about 4ft 6 inches across. Hence the monstrosity, even though we get excellent frost protection our side for the car & windbreak.
Yesterday I was at the very top of our rickety old 85 degree ladder & Pauline holding it for dear life.
Took 2 green wheelie bin fulls off. I wore a wooly coat & gloves (first time for everything) at the end I was soaked. Not by rain. A blistering cold wind & sun in my eyes. I took clumps of wood out & perhaps I nibbled too much with my long loppers. They are a new toy & I was very enthusiastic. The middle of the hedge is hollow so at the top its green at the side. Even at full stretch I cant reach the end of next doors. Their side is greener & straight. Our side you can make out each tree but its OK.
Long Term I’ll try & get it lower…but without agreement its a difficult process. Lets see if Number 4 are still talking to us……..

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I hate Leylandii Bill. They totally take over a garden and often grow far too high for their position. On top of that, they often have brown dead sections. A gardener I know says they should all be dug out and replaced with a natural hedge...can't say I disagree with him They're not native to our country anyway.

24 Feb, 2015


Great job done. Just a few weeks ago I cut over 25 Leylandii, they were 25 feet high 170 feet long. Over the years I tried to keep them under controI, but they kept growing back faster than the last cut. I chopped the whole lot right down to the ground. Never again. I had another lot of conifer cut down by professionals a few months before that, there were only 11 of them that cost me £900. Therefore I decided to do these myself. I now possess 6 chainsaws. One is called 'Crocodile' it's my latest toy and favourite

24 Feb, 2015


Trouble is if you get rid of a long hedge it costs a fortune to replace it with anything else. I keep longing to do it, especially now there are lots of brown of bare areas.

25 Feb, 2015


We can't replace as both drives are paved etc. i have seen some shared drives with them cut & painted black.....ugly....they provide shelter for our car ( when our daughter is away) and wind break.....Over time it gets wider n wider n wider tho'

25 Feb, 2015


As it is in the back garden, I have replaced mine with a line of ornamental trees, bought from mail order trees company. They were all over 6 feet high, hoping for some beautiful blossom display, instead of what was a wall of darkness before that. Pictures to follow soon.

26 Feb, 2015


Still not got much grown back as of end of May....other side is

27 May, 2015


A friend of ours has cut his down to a few feet high and removed any remaining branches. He's then using them as fence posts. it will be interesting to see how many years they last but I thought it was a great idea?

27 May, 2015


At the front ours keep frost off & are a wind break

27 May, 2015

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