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Neighbourly Vandalism


Last year in Early Autumn my nbr told me he was getting a tree surgeon in to feather the birch tree branches & tidy up the bushes his side of the fence.
The birch tree was previously leveled but not killed & sent up 4 tall branches. It is a rare one & provides interesting shade & privacy so we like it. The feathering is 99% on the 2 branches on the left.
All of the bushes on the party fence have now no longer visible, There was a tricolour Camellia hiding the trampoline & wendy house. A nice viburnum & a few others have also gone .
Tree surgeon or vandal?

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Well Bill if the shrubs were your neighbour's and he asked for them to be trimmed there's not a lot you can do except plant some on your side. Lots of sympathy over the treatment of the beech - they are lovely trees. Could you plant some shrubs on your side of the fence to make up?

12 Feb, 2018


Have noticed in the past that new neighbours like to mark their territory. One woman came, stayed for three months and decimated her boundary trees . When the nature reserve warden saw the result I could hear his voice from some distance away! She didn't care as she was planning to leave. It was her property though in this case the old trees were protected.

On our TV last year it was reported that a builder was fined for poisoning a protected tree that hid a view of the harbour. He was able to make three times the fine just for the view!

12 Feb, 2018


It does look rather sorry for itself though . The "surgeon"
might have been a bit of a cowboy ?

12 Feb, 2018


The tree was removed by my old nbr several yrs ago. So it could n't have been protected. It was in the middle of the hawthorn hedge, The fence was put up by next door.
Thing is I was allergic to hawthorn splinters big time.
A doctor came out to administer penicillin at 5 am & said just in time otherwise I'd have lost a finger.
Tree grew back with 4 main branches.

12 Feb, 2018


Hawthorns can be very nasty! You were very fortunate.

13 Feb, 2018


My experience with jobbing gardeners is that they are pretenders, dont know anything about gardening.

14 Feb, 2018


We have a garden helper now. He seems knowledgeable but really there is no need of a "true gardener" as our garden is established. Our helper is willing to clear stuff; to weed ; to rake the drive; to clear the leaves : and that is what we want. He works in all weathers, and is a smashing chap.

Diane: "Gardeners" are qualified these days and I imagine their prices would reflect this.

Never thought we would come to this: needing help! :O(

14 Feb, 2018


Just reread this and the more I look the more puzzled I get. Is the photo of your garden or the neighbour's? The big evergreen shrub on the right ( the Camellia?)has gone but clearly belongs to the garden in the photo, which I thought was yours. If it is his he had every right to remove it and if its yours that must mean he came into your property to cut your shrubs.
Am I being thick here?

14 Feb, 2018


We are talking fence on the left, I have just seen a bit of camellia his side but the trim was 1 stump 4ft 6 it will take many years to recover

17 Feb, 2018


So which is the beech tree? I can only see silver birch on the left side. Sorry if I'm being thick, and it doesn't matter now anyway sadly.

17 Feb, 2018


Slip of the tongue Birch 100%

19 Feb, 2018


Lol. Confusion explained...

19 Feb, 2018

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