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I don't dig peat campaign


Yesterday I read a frightening story in the Indi about how quote “each year the equivalent of more than 24 million wheelbarrows of peat are estimated to be tipped on to gardens and allotments as amateur gardeners endeavour to grow their own fruit, vegetables and flowers”. I admit to being one of those in the past but now do you think it about time for all gardeners to be aware of the scale of the problem? It is now so easy to buy peatless compost or like me, to have an old plastic dustbin with holes in the bottom, to compost all the vegetable matter from the kitchen alone. There is a ‘I Don’t Dig Peat’ campaign which is hoping to lobby the government to ban the sale of peat for gardens by 2016. Do you think it is a good idea? I certainly do.

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This has been going on for years surely C. There was a very interesting prog. on about the Irish peat bogs and any other PB. for that matter, it is a serious issue and you are right we should all be thinking about what we spread on our garden!!

25 Jun, 2011


I am aware of the campaign and have signed up to it. We have long been concious of the environmental damage done by peat extraction and have not used it for about 15 years. I believe that the government are considereing banning the sale of peat for private use in the next few years and for commercial use a few years later. I would welcome this.

25 Jun, 2011


yes me too. I regulary do ecology on a peat bog and havent used peat in the garden for yrs. I wont grow those things that need cosseting. [i'd love a rhodo too:( ]

25 Jun, 2011


I stopped using peat about 20 years ago (and I thought everyone in the UK had), which was when i started making compost and leaf mould . I have signed up tonight Cammomile only 316 have so far though.

25 Jun, 2011


Dear chamomile
I am really new to this site and am impressed with all the help and info.I live near gatwick and have a fairly large back garden and smallish front garden.have a man come in to cut all the lawns.unfortunately I have asthma and just cannot manage that.
Do everything else and enjoy it.bit of a plant Nut and it is a family joke that I never leave a garden centre without a plant!
Enjoy the late summer weather.

Penstemon. (Kim)

2 Sep, 2013

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