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ambition is a good thing - but ...


By cate


we have had a great deal of rain recently and consequently a huge number of frogs doing froggy things in our ponds

however we found a ‘courting couple’ whose ambition was truly – umm – optimistic …

they were trying to mate through a brick !

perhaps the Japanese water basin would be more comfortable

definitely more romantic

frogs fascinate Lucy

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I love frogs and toads, Lucy look lovely hope she doesn't jump in after them. lol

16 Oct, 2010


I had to check to see where you were Cate as these dont look like our froggies.

lovely photos Cate :o))

16 Oct, 2010


Cracking shots Cate!

16 Oct, 2010


glad you enjoyed the pics -

Lucy is well past jumping Olive LOL - nearly 17 yrs old but still a sticky beak!

Yep Sea - an Aussie interloper =)) expat of 44 yrs but I well remember the UK gardens and countryside as we lived in the Kentish countryside and walked everyday ... wonderful memories so I come and make myself homesick on GoY LOL

The frogs were very co-operative Karen - the bigger one is the female - it took a bit of time to tempt her out of the brick as their skins are soooooo soft - they don't actually like being submerged so I just kept dunking the brick and she eventually wiggled out

16 Oct, 2010


Tee hee lovely blog - Lucy is so cute...

17 Oct, 2010


At least Lucy is only looking so the frogs are safe enough,lol, when they are feeling fruity I don`t think they care where they are or who is watching, my dogs and cats thankfully give me warnings by there actions so I usually am able to stop anything untoward happening to the frogs..
Lovely photo`s.......

17 Oct, 2010


you've hit my soft spot there Pip =)) Lucy is cute - has been my companion and surrogate child for over 16 years LOL

and I so so agree re preventing untoward things happening to frog Lin - they are just delightful and a good indicator re the health of a garden space - although the cacophony on rainy nights has to be heard to be believed =))

17 Oct, 2010

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