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The joys of Spring


By cedille


I collect seeds everywhere I go, and whenever I can.

This week I organised my seeds for planting. Among the things I have collected, you can find cotton seeds, Ilex verticillata, sweet peas, artichoke, lemon, oak, and many others that I don’t know anythingabout, but I found worthy of collecting.

Another joy of Spring is obviously the bulbs, and this year I have the lovely muscaris to add contrast with the daffodils.

This little one is unknown to me, as I don’t remember planting it! But it’s wonderfully beautiful!

I thought the Acer japonica was dead, as it lost its leaves a couple of weeks after I bought it last year, but I kept faith in it, and this year it is coming alive again.

The lupins survived the worst of the winter, and with the muscaris, the crocuses and the wild flowers sprouting, they should look fantastic in this pot.

This is the one of the most exciting news for me : after 2 years with no flowers, the wisteria has finally decided to show its true colours!

The lovely Cotoneaster I planted as a cutting in Autumn ’10 is coming out nicely.

The beautiful flowers of this red Hammamelis are fading away, but I am looking forward to see what else it has to offer…

The honeysuckle coming to life again…

After the white flowers turning to pink, the hellebores are on show again with their beautiful seed heads

And this cutting of euphorbia is making its first flower

This ladybird is going to need some help with this infestation of aphids in the pansies..

…But this year I am not going to let them win! I sprayed this Neem oil mixed with water, which is totally eco-friendly, and shouldn’t arm beneficial insects.

This little oak has found a little friend to grow up with

Soon, the cherries?

I am glad the birds have finally notice the little treats I made for them!

Back in the house, life’s back again, with the orchids all flowering…

And the sweet peas are looking promising

And this Sempervivum Arachnoid has been the only one to survive the windowsill…

I covered the fruits of this mini cucumber in the soil and here they come

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All looking good cedille - well done you on gathering and sowing all those seed. I just don't have the patience to do anything like that!
Re you Acer....they usually put all their effort into the root system when they are moved or transplanted. I bought a couple of new ones last year and the leaves weren't up to much but I have high hopes this year :)

24 Mar, 2012


Great blog, I really enjoyed not just the pictures but your obvious skill and enjoyment at it all which really is apparent. Are you going to try seeds from the pine cones?

24 Mar, 2012


Very satisfying collecting and growing on your own seeds, plus you can save quite a few pence to spend elsewhere, well done you.
Great blog and pics Cedille, I envy you your Orchid, I cannot keep them which is a shame because they are gorgeous...

24 Mar, 2012


What a variety of nice things you've got coming up this spring. I hope you get lots of plants from those seeds aswell. It will be interesting to see what they all are.
The little blue flower you don't know is Scilla.

25 Mar, 2012


Hi Cedille ..
Well done on collecting so many seeds ... very interesting blog ... lots coming into bud in your garden !

25 Mar, 2012


welcome to the club Cedille, lol.
It's nice to see you being so enthusiastic about gardening:) Many years ago (when I had a big garden) I was also propagating plants. You could see a little nursery taking shape, lol. Even started selling plants I've propagated.
But now having tiny garden and really no time to do it I am just saving plants being about ending their lives in a compost heap or buying plants I can't really resist not to buy, lol.
Great pictures:)

25 Mar, 2012


Enjoyed your blog very much Cedille, isn't it wonderful what you can create from almost nothing? You seem very organised too, I wish I was, and your enthusiasm is contagious :-))

25 Mar, 2012


It looks very good to me!

25 Mar, 2012


Thank you all so much for the kind comments and helpful tips, I am genuinely amazed at how nice and friendly GoY's community is!!
@Severnside, unfortunately I couldn't see any seed on the pine cones (Shall I be looking for flakes within the cones?) so I cannot yet start growing pine trees from seeds but it is definitely on the agenda ;)
@Linclass, the secret of keeping orchid is to not water them like other plants, they should either be given a 'bath one a week for a couple of hours then drained of all water making sure none is left in the roots, or simply water them on top of the sink making sure the water runs through. First method worked best for me to keep them flowering :)
@Kasy indeed propagating is one of the most satisfying way to garden, though like you I cannot help buying plants when I go to the garden centre, growing plants for free is very rewarding!

26 Mar, 2012


The seeds would look like a minature single sycamore wing. They need to be stratified so you would ideally keep them in a fridge over winter and sow out indoors in March. Plenty of time to find some...

26 Mar, 2012


Thanks Severnside, so I definitely didn't have one of those seeds in there, but I thought those small pine cones looked pretty and I used them to make bird feeder (spreading lard in the holes and rolling it in seeds). But on my next excursion to the forest, I will look for those!

26 Mar, 2012


They are nice for their look alone or as a feeder, that's a great idea!

26 Mar, 2012

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