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A few more plants to put in


And also some more gravel to spread. I have been ‘off it’ of late just looking & thinking. But it has not stopped me buying plants to fill in those empty spots. Today I started (hotest day as well) Plants in & gravel spread, still more to go at but it’s a start.

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Lovely plants and nicely positioned too. Sometimes you have to step back and plot your planting before actually tackling it and you've done a great job. I agree it was a very hot day for outside work in the garden. I managed for a couple of hours while painting my new birdhouse but still didn't manage to get it quite finished. The temps rise so quickly that we don't adjust to the abrupt change after many days of cloud and rain!

26 Jun, 2011


Thank you, I had a hard day shifting gravel from the front of the house to the back, a bucket at a time. I have no wheel barrow, plus, I could not maneuver it up the steps if I had one :-/

27 Jun, 2011


You'll have muscles like Popeye, shifting all the gravel. You have made it very nice well done.

It's really hot here today...I'll be looking for shade when I'm outside! lol

27 Jun, 2011


I once wheelbarrowed a ton of gravel from front to back Cliveanne, It arrived a day late and all the volunteers had to get back to work lol.. You have done a great job, it looks lovely..

27 Jun, 2011


Nice. I like to see plants growing through gravel. And it's always a good idea to take a break for looking and thinking :o)

27 Jun, 2011


I had some slab shifting to do yesterday by the shed, it was a scorcher. Three slabs, 2'x2' lifted & 30odd housebricks to reset into the ground at the shed doorway. On lifting the slabs, I discovered a large ants nest with the eggs. I parked my bum on the gravel & watched the ants take the eggs underground. Boy, are they fast workers! I have no problem with ants, as I see it, they have as much right to be on this planet as me, if not more-so. At least they do not polute the planet as we do. I now have one 2x2 slab, & 6 housebricks looking for a new home.
I have a few Sisyrinchium (Eyed Grass, did an eyed grass search on tinternet) plants that have been growing wild for years now. I don't know where they came from. I had Blue, White & Yellow. Now I have just a few small plants with no flower. I am gathering these to make a small plantation near to the stream, let nature take it's course & see what happens.
Today the forcast is cooler, with some showers thrown in, I have been asked by My Good Lady to be a taxi driver for the lady next door. Could this be a day off from the garden? Perhaps not, there's too much to do, & I want certain jobs to be completed by Friday as we have guests over for the weekend.
Oh well, this is getting nothing done, change of clothing & footwear, grab a coffee & out, before the day gets too advanced!!!

PS Thank you for your comments, they are appreciated :-)

28 Jun, 2011

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