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Buying cheap can pay


This year I have been attempting to turn a wilderness into a garden of sorts.
Like most people I do have to watch the pennies and like a bargain.
So far I have bought 4 varigated potted ivy plants and 4 lavender plants from my local Poundland shop.
All are growing like mad, the lavender plants are the same size as those for £6.99 in the garden centre.
I also got 10 day lilly tubers for £4 from a car boot along with mixed lot of 150 bulbs including Oxis, Peacock Orchids, Anemones, Brodiaea and some others for £5
Also from a car boot 2 Lavetera shrubs and 2 lovely Vinca Minors growing well in pots.
I also splashed out on 2 × 4ft tall Lady Boothby Fuchias as they were on offer at £4.50 each at the garden centre.
On the other hand my 2 sons bought me a lovely big Hydranga for £20 which soon keeled over and died.
All in all though I feel that I have done well.
Has anyone else picked up some real bargains??

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I do find getting bargains on my plants makes me very happy! I always look at the 'sick bay' of every GC/nursery etc. Some charity shops also sell them. Sometimes there is loads and you are very spoiled, others are full of dead plants! (my local B&Q take note)

6 Aug, 2011


Poundland is a good source but the labels are not always reliable - my last two "buddleias" were no such thing - they were spireas although they did grow well. Don't ignore supermarkets - if you have a Morrison store near you their perrenials are brilliant - climbers £1.79, other plants such as bush fuschias and box for £2 and more established plants e.g. 3 foot high fushia bushes for £6. The stores are well regarded in my neighbourhood and have new stock almost daily.

6 Aug, 2011


I also like a bargain. What do you think of this? I spotted a plant in my local grocers this morning. The plant hadn't been watered for days by the look of it. It was on the brink of giving up the ghost. I took it to the till and asked they would sell it to me at a discount. The manager looked at it, spotted that it was out of date and told me he couldn't sell it. I presume it was going to be thrown away. What a waste.

6 Aug, 2011


I would of kindly offered to dispose of it for him, being the good natured chap I

6 Aug, 2011


hydragia needs lots of water and semi shade, doesnt like direct sun, have you kept it just to see if it recovers

6 Aug, 2011


Sanbaz, That is what it got, as per advice on the card that was with it.
It was fine for a while, then just seemed to loose the will to live.
I repositioned it a couple of times as it was in a large container but to no avail.
First of all the colour seemed to drain out of the blooms, then the leaves started dropping off.
No doubt I got something wrong but have no idea what.
As for keeping it, no, it was consigned to the compost heap and is buried under all sorts.
Strangely about some shade, I see plenty around the town in front gardens in full sun looking brilliant.

6 Aug, 2011


Hi - I look for bargains too, I rarely buy plants for this year, but always look in the damaged/reject bit of garden centres and add some tlc. Morrisons is good too.

7 Aug, 2011


Oh yes, I like a bargain, I think my best buys are the little pots one of our local family run nurseries sell April/ May time, lots of plantlets needing to be thinned out for growing on in my own greenhouse, also find Morrisons very good buys, both pricewise and for good healthy plants....

7 Aug, 2011


I love a bargain too. While in Ireland recently I redid my friends garden. It needed colors and amending badly. I found 1 Euro plants sometimes. Like a Tomato, Strawberry, Twinkle Star among others. 8 Pk of Lavender & Fuchsia for 3 Euro each. I think my friend wondered why I bought such meager plants but after a week or so they really pepped up.
Just yesterday at our 99 Cent Store which is really a $1 Store here in LA I got a big potted mum, and 3 Begonia for $4.00 They were flying off the shelf. They often have plants. However I start a lot of my plants from cuttings.

8 Aug, 2011

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