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I’m hoping to do a lot of gardening during my 20 weeks off for summer and I’ve started with a little deck now that the new patio door is complete, new fencing is also in the process of going up :)

Firstly two more photos to show my ongoing front garden project. Gradually bringing the border around the end of the lawn in a very thin strip. I say gradually. Evans’s that way Dad won’t notice as quickly as if I did it all at once..

Next. Onto some of my decking project, the picnic table just fits on, and then it can also be used as a seating area and to view the fish in the pond :)

And then onto one of the fence, it’s a work in progress two panels need to be slightly altered as they are a little too big! But it’s taller and will keep out nosey neighbours and prying eyes..

Before finally, a few general ones of the back garden..

Now to relax after all the hard uni work, and get ready to go to the garden centre later for yet more plants that I don’t have the room for..

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Your narrow boarder is looking great bit by bit so dad dont notice made me giggle? Well done with that decking it looks so neat and good great seating place to sit and watch your fishyour pond is looking great to I see your water lillies are up already .
Some lovely plants you have around your garden pretty Clematis to.
Love your new fencing another giggle coming on stops prying eyes nosey neughbours. You ve done really well in the short time of returning I vantcwait to see what you ve bought back from the garden centre.

23 May, 2017


You've made an enormous difference since you began! Join the club - more than one of us has sneaked bits of fresh border out of the lawn...

23 May, 2017


Amazing how fast you have made the patio! Usually (in my world) these things need discussion, planning, shelving for a while, more planning, preparation on buying materials, shelving for a while, buying material, waiting, laying out materials, discussion, all that before anything gets done! The fence looks terrific and who doesn't need more border, especially if you are prone, like most of us, to buying plants you have no room for.
Well done you, on top of all that Uni work too!

23 May, 2017


"20 weeks off for summer" wow , garden is coming on a treat.


23 May, 2017


Lots of interest. Glad to have the rain.

23 May, 2017


Looks very good. You'll be able to do lots of gardening during your 20 weeks break from University but don't work too hard.

23 May, 2017


well you have been busy haven't you. I regularly 'steal' a couple of inches off the lawns to extend my borders. Hubby has noticed now but he doesn't seem to mind thankfully.

the garden is looking fab Dan.

23 May, 2017


Thankyou everybody! Lawn mown! Went to the garden centre and came back with absolutely nothing, it just means I'll go to another tomorrow!!

23 May, 2017


Good luck Dan for tomorrow.

23 May, 2017


Blimey Dan how did you resist all the plants on display, I cannot even go to the supermarket these days without rushing past the plants and onto the veggies, only to return to pick up just a couple that I desperately need, lol..
You did make me chuckle with the comment about your dad, I do that with my hubby, get on with my latest project when he's not about, he never notices anything I've done unless I point him in the right direction, by the time I do that the jobs sorted, not much he can do or say then..
Enjoy your Uni break Dan and here's hoping the weather is good so you can be in the garden, not sure you'll be able to hide everything from dad, 20wks gives you time for lots of changes....

23 May, 2017


Love the decking! Clever you! ?

24 May, 2017


Looks great.

(How can you visit a garden centre and come home with NOTHING?)

24 May, 2017


Good luck with your garden alterations..
lots of interesting plans... yes .. fencing is important !

25 May, 2017


Thankyou all! Nice break from uni, and still gardening, went to another GC yesterday and didn't buy anything again!

25 May, 2017


Lol, have you got a temperature, are you feeling well? 2 visits and no plants lol. See you are taking it easy then, not being at uni lol. Its looking really good. :-).

26 May, 2017


Haha! Going to need more plants as I'm building a new rockery/waterfall where the existing one is currently, same waterfall again but with another piece to lengthen it..

29 May, 2017


Are you going to make horticulture your career or is it just a favourite hobby?
Your enthusiasm for, and love of gardening shines through in everything you do.

21 Jun, 2017

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