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By diydick


Hi all,
quick update,my hand is almost back to some normality but it has slowed me down considerably,so not as much progress this last week as expected.
here’s some pix….

my mancanical cement mixer…..that’s a spade,a wheelbarrow & me.
Underfoot,had to raise ground level up 5" most of this done with approx 1 tonne of hardcore all smashed up with mancanical hammer…that’s a club hammer & me.

New shed base laid – 300kgs of ballast 80kgs of cement that’s 3.75:1 ratio mix – quite strong.It was quite hard to tamp down on my own with a lump of 3″×3″ × 6′ long fence post,it’s all I had to hand.
Still, I’m pleased with results,its fairly smooth and level.Could probably park a car on here!

Shed end panels cut down in width & repaired,once rebuilt and painted it will slot in the space infront of it next to the green building which is my utility room,and be used for storing garden chairs ,sun loungers etc.

A 2"x"2 fence post out of the old sub base I made for where the shed once stood,nothing goes to waste.These are being screwed directly to the bottom of all the panels to help strengthen them and provide another frame for a ply- wood floor to go on.

My workshop (garage ha ha) storing all my gardening tools from my shed as well as all my other DIY gear and materials.Can’t move in here now!

I even have a shed in my workshop trying to keep it dry

While I’m here thought I would show you where all the garden lighting and pumps are supplied from.14 socket outlets here just for the garden.I think the last count was 28 sockets in my workshop – more than a lot of houses would have! Can never have enough.
On shelf above – sounds for the workshop and garden :o)

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ive got my bike and mower in the shed and thats it,im realy impressed with your light system,what a good job you did on the shed base,a lot of hard work

18 Aug, 2010


nice to see sockets for each appliance instead of overloaded extension cubes which are very dangerous but still around. You have achieved a lot in spite of your injury

18 Aug, 2010


Brilliant shed floor there, could be used for a disco along with that sound system, have you got disco lights hidden in that garage Dd ?? Lol.
You have done well despite all drawbacks !!

18 Aug, 2010


Now...that's what I like.... a workshop full of tools.You are doing a brilliant job!

18 Aug, 2010


What an eye opener - makes me embarrased that I am happy to rely on my husband for this type of work. Good on you.

18 Aug, 2010


It puts my shed to shame Richard. Bet the neighbours love you when you have your music blasting out of those speakers (hope it's not Meatloaf) I can't see a fridge though for your "cold drinks"...:o)

18 Aug, 2010


Thanx everyone for your kind comments,
I will try to sum up all the above.
Ladybug,it was hard work doing the base on my own but worth it and I am very pleased as to how its turned out,just right for the new shed.
Michaella,it is like an aladdins cave in my workshop,I have materials,bits and pieces and such a diverse amount of tools to do just about any job in and out of the house.I am an electrician by trade but can do plumbing,basic building work,basic carpentry,artexing,tiling,small plastering fix jobs,concreting,fencing,painting and decorating,coving,ceilings, partition walls,laminate flooring,done a few fitted kitchens and bathrooms,and of course complete re-wires.I will tackle most things.
Scotsgran and Ladybug,I used to do electronics as a hobby, so back in days gone by I used to build electronic lighting systems for disco's and used to help run a rock roadshow and done mixing and lighting for local live bands.
I used to have all my garden lights and pumps on a remote controller so I could sit in the garden and switch them all on or off with a remote.But all the controllers packed up,got to sort that out when I find time lol.I will one day get all the garden lighting and pump cables into one box on the wall with switches rather than all the plugs and sockets,I have the knowhow and the technology, (just another little project).
Dylandog,when I do have music on in the garage or the garden which is not very often it is normally so I can just hear it,I do consider the neighbours and never have any loud music on.When I play my electric guitars I use headphones most of the time.I am into rock and blues and used to go to loud rock concerts and festivals but I have calmed down now.I still listen to rock/blues mainly in the car or on my Ipod including Meatloaf lol.I play a lot of meditative and relaxing chill out stuff when in the garden,it goes well with the surroundings, and I need to relax sometimes (ha ha not often though).
You can't see a cold drinks cabinet in there Dylandog your right,it's in my utility room next to it (the green building) lol.There is also a washing machine all plumbed in,a tumble dryer properly vented,a deep freeze and an upright fridge freezer,the top part being my cold drinks cabinet (great when having BBQ's or garden parties as I don't have to go to my kitchen fridge/freezer to get a cold beer.There is also a small heater to stop the pipework freezing in the winter although the pipework is double lagged.The light inside the utility room comes on automatically as soon as you open the door (I just love automation), to think I got all that in a 5'x7' building,its called "good planning".
Grandmage,I still have a few of my old disco lights in the workshop hidden away and may get them out if I throw a party,so you was right to think that lol,although don't really need them in the garden with all the colour changing lights and misters.
Annewrnr,don't really know what to say,why should you be embarrassed that you rely on your husband to do this type of work?Admittedly it would be the norm for a guy to do it,but I believe there are many ladies on here that can do this type of work from what I have seen.I think things have changed in the modern world and we are all capable and can be independant enough to do many tasks we thought we might not have been able to do.It's all about getting a little knowledge,taking your time and having a go.I think most people will be suprised at what they can achieve if they just had a go.We all make mistakes as I still do,altering and repairing this shed has been a nightmare.The original build quality was not that good (although it has stood for about 8 yrs) so has made it a bit harder to fix up.The amount of man hours I have spent on it, well.....I might as well have thrown it away and buy another one in the first place,but I love a challenge and will always re-cycle if possible.

I am as good with all house hold "chores" as I am a diy-er.I do most of that too.
I cook which I love to do,do most of the cleaning,washing,tidying etc.etc.I am meticulous and a bit if a cleaning freak...........I would make someone a lovely wife (so I have been told lol) and diy-er all in one.Oh.....and I do all the gardening too.

Gone off from gardening a bit there haven't I? Sorry.

Well,I have brought some shed paint called "herb green" which is the closest colour I could find to the other green building,I think it should look ok next to it.
Over the next week I will order my new pent shed to go down on the new base.
Not sure what colour to paint it yet,maybe psychodelic colours or with my skills in art perhaps some large flowers or a garden scene (hmmm.....don't know yet)
I will be able to get all my gardening tools back in there up on racks etc. and properly stored (I do like being organized) even if my workshop is a state at the moment.
Sorry to blog on a bit!

18 Aug, 2010


You dont half chat Dd !!! Lol x

18 Aug, 2010


Wot me?...............Nah lol

18 Aug, 2010



19 Aug, 2010


Richard, you don't do anything in half

19 Aug, 2010


You're not wrong there Dylandog. Lol

19 Aug, 2010

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