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Final part of old shed re-build Tutorial pt 3 (Garden re-design part 11)


By diydick


Hi All,
In between the rain and many shifts at work I have completed my old shed re-build.Originally the shed was 8′ × 6′ but I have cut it down to 5′ × 4′6".
I will be using this shed to store sun loungers,cushions and chairs etc.
Here it is…..

Panels treated with clear wood preservative which soaks into the wood,base timber with creosote.

Panels then treated with a shed and fence preserver which sits more on the surface and seals it

Base timbers are 2″×2″ screwed together on the outside and strengthend with metal brackets on the inside

Two extra roof supports put in to stop the roof bowing.The centre support is the original cut down in length

Close up of bracket – these are right angle brackets so I put a slight twist in them as the roof support is angled from the upright

The original roof boards put back on,these were cut down to fit and were not too bowed

The roof has had a coat of undercoat paint to seal it

Then 2 coats of bitumen adhesive,I allowed the first coat to dry to seal it even more.The second coat was to stick the roofing felt down

Roofing felt being applied,press down firmly and push air bubbles out to the sides,the adhesive needs about half an hour to go tacky before applying the felt.The bottom edge is secured using galvanized roofing clout nails into a timber approx.1″×1″ just under the roof line

New floor of half inch ply from an old machinery packing case – underside has been treated with wood preserver – top just needs a coat of paint

The finished shed with roof trim to hold felt down at edges,a water deflector on door bottom made from an off cut of decorative skirting board,old hinges etc. cleaned and re-painted.
The timber has all been screwed together for easy dismantling or maintenance in the future except for the roof trims and panel corner trims,they have been nailed with thin panel nails which can be removed easily with a pry bar.Screwing together is stronger than nailing.
The shed has then been painted with two coats of “Herb Green” wood preserver for smooth wood to finish it off.Well weatherproofed and stronger so should last for many years to come

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Excellent job! Love it! You're a hard worker! :)))

6 Sep, 2010


Perfect job. Should last for years. Well done

6 Sep, 2010


nice job.

6 Sep, 2010


Very clear photos and the cat door too :)

6 Sep, 2010


It looks great ! Wish I could do things like that.
Welcome to GoY aswell

7 Sep, 2010


Great job and clear instructions. Will show to my son. He is moving to new house soon and may need to build a shed. If he follows your instuctions he can have a much stronger shed than the knocked together ones you buy from some places.
Looks so neat along side the aluminium shed there as tho they were made for each other.

7 Sep, 2010


Great blog, great job.

7 Sep, 2010


that looks much better now. like the color

7 Sep, 2010


great job and looks good to, well done ;o))

7 Sep, 2010


looks brilliant. well done

7 Sep, 2010


Dik, its a perfect piece of work....flawless.

7 Sep, 2010


Thankyou all for your lovely comments,took awhile to get it completed but worth it in the end.
I'm just waiting for my new 8'x6' pent shed to go on the new base at the top of the garden,this will be mainly to keep all my gardening tools/equipment in.
Although it will come already treated I will give it a similar treatment with wood preservers and paints as I have this one,strengthen it if needed and screw it together rather than nailing it.

7 Sep, 2010


Looks great

7 Sep, 2010


Does the cat know he has a new home ????? Have you told him he is leaving yet? Lol. Great shed

8 Sep, 2010


Good job, well done. :o))

8 Sep, 2010


Thanx again all for your nice comments,lol Grandmage about the cat home.My ex-wife use to keep cats so I put this flap in some years ago as refuge incase they didn't come indoors at night.Sadly the cats have since passed,as for the ex........well we won't go there lol.

8 Sep, 2010


Dd, maybe some poor little waif and stray could spend the night in there then, no charge ,eh?? Lol `=0)

9 Sep, 2010


Could you please let me know what make the herb green paint was that you used. I really like the colour and am just about to paint a new shed.

Many thanks

10 Apr, 2015

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