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Spring flowers in my garden & nearby neighbours.


By dwyllis


Our spring weather has so far been disappointing, with the majority of days being wet, cool or overcaste. But every now again, without warning, we wake up to a wonderful hot spring day & it feels glorious. I am in the throes of making up net curtains & drapes for our two front rooms on my days off, but decided to shoot outdoors to take some snaps of what is going on in our garden at the moment, & across the road in the gardens of our close neighbours.

Photo below is of my beautiful Mary Rose, which is now smothered in lovely pink blooms.

Below is a new rose I planted two weeks ago … a NZ rose called Waimarie. First bloom. It is a Hybrid Tea.

My lovely heritage climber Gloire de Dijon displaying its first blooms.

This is the semi-shade area next to a pergola waiting to be renovated. Everything is growing so well here, & most of it is recently-planted, though I found this lovely rose hidden in waist-high grass a few months ago.

The three photos below show plants now in flower either side of our driveway.

The six photos below are showing some of the trees & shrubs in full bloom in the front gardens of my close neighbours homes. The two big flowering trees are across the road from us, so we enjoy them everyday from our front rooms.

Below is a pretty display of lobelia with cactus in the background, at a city GC I visited a few days ago.

This last photo shows an NZ native tree growing in our back garden area. In early spring the leaves suddenly get bright red tips on them, which looks very pretty.

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Gardens looking pretty, Dwyllis ..
is that a crazy paving chimney ?

15 Nov, 2011


Yes I believe it is a crazy paving chimney ... one of my neighbour's houses & I think it was probably built in 1970s when crazy paving was put everywhere.

15 Nov, 2011


I'll add this blog to GoYpedia Crazy Paving because, up till now, I don't think there's been a Crazy Paving chimney on there ! :o)

15 Nov, 2011


Oh how lovely to feel the warmth and walk among the flowers. Enjoy your spring Dwyllis.

15 Nov, 2011


Lovely spring photos. My favourite time of year ...

15 Nov, 2011


Some lovely spring moments, I have never seen such a massive bottle brush in all my life.....

15 Nov, 2011


We had a bottle brush as large as this is our previous garden, Dottydaisy. I always thought of it as a sort of christmas tree, as it was in full bloom in time for the christmas period, & I used to hang it with christmas lights. Our lovely little native bird the Fantail really likes this tree, & it is very entertaining to see it hovering & dancing around it to snatch up insects.

15 Nov, 2011


Am over in Joburg at the mo, and it is lovely to see so many spring flowers out - Alliums in full bloom (normally Apr-May in UK), smell Jasmine at night and see summer that are not hardy in the UK outside of high summer such as Dahlia, Crocosmia, Lily Bird of Paradise and Palms. The Wisteria trees in vibrant purple look great.

What is the white flowering plant in the background of the pic that says 13 on the post box?

15 Nov, 2011


Kildermorie ... that white flower is the same as the pink one growing along my driveway in the 5th photo down. Unfortunately, I have forgotten the name of it, but I am sure someone else will know. I saw it in yet another colour in another neighbour's garden yesterday ... a lovely salmon-pink. In fact, that neighbour had all 3 colours planted next to one another & they looked gorgeous. I must take the camera out with me next time I go passed the house & then I can post the pic up.

16 Nov, 2011

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