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By eirlys


About ten days ago my OH brought me a bunch of Lilies from Morrison’s. The buds were tightly closed.

After quite a while the buds became bigger and at long last the flowers emerged. As you can see, I hope, they are rather splendid.

However, and this is unusual, the scent is so overpowering we have had to remove them from the sitting-room. I love the perfume normally and so does my OH but he was the first to suggest removing them . It is really strong and somewhat musky/woody; the scent left when wood has been burnt.

The wrapping with the details regarding the origin and name of the lilies has long gone but I wonder if anyone else has experienced something similar?

Is it another part of the ageing process? :O)

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I think in a centrally heated room the extra warmth enhances the fragrance. like honeysuckle on a warm summer evening is more fragrant then on a cooler one. But to be honest I have always had the problem with them being too overpowering.
they are gorgeous though.

11 Dec, 2016


Agree with Seaburngirl what you describe is pretty normal from the tight buds onwards.don't forget the pollen stains anything that brushes against it and not always easy to remove.

11 Dec, 2016


....and the lilies are poisonous to cats!

To remove stains cover with sellotape and pull latter off sharply.

Have had lilies for years as I love them. The scent is somehow "different" in the above flowers. Odd!

11 Dec, 2016


Agree, they can be overpowering. Re pollen stains, many flower arrangers cut off the stamens to avoid the problem.
Don't touch a stain before using the sellotape or it will be too late...

11 Dec, 2016


Julie had some potted Stargazer Lillies which she had indoors in May(they have now been planted in the garden) and they had a very very strong scent too!

11 Dec, 2016


I love the smell of Lilies. I've never found them overpowering. However I will not have them in my house or garden any more, because I found out they are poisonous to cats.

12 Dec, 2016


Our Siamese used to eat daffodils. When we caught her doing this they were banned from the house. She didn't seem to suffer any consequences (lived to 18), but they also are poisonous to cats.

Like your avatar, Hywel!

12 Dec, 2016


Ho Ho Ho ! :) I always put this one on for Christmas ...

12 Dec, 2016


I have a bad allergy to Lillies and someone told me if you take the stemens off I would be ok. While I found this was true they forgot to tell me that once the stemens are removed they die much quicker.

13 Dec, 2016


I didn't know that. These present ones seem to be lasting forever! And it's the first year we haven't bought any Poinsettias. I've been confined to barracks with a "silly" tickling cough. Manuka honey anyone?

15 Dec, 2016


is the lily fragrance irritating your throat?

16 Dec, 2016


Actually SG, it did. Vase confined to kitchen and for the first time ever am glad to see flowers dead. Won't be buying them again.

Evidently I have a three-week "bug" according to the Morrison pharmacist who advised lemon drink with honey. Seeing the doctor on Thursday anyway but that lovely pharmacist spent ages talking to me and re-assuring me. I'm sure the best medicine a doctor can give is Time but they can't nowadays.

Anyway, "It's being so cheerful that keeps me going!" (Anyone here remember that?)

19 Dec, 2016


One of my mantras - I didn't know it was a famous quote!

19 Dec, 2016


Only if you remember the radio show "Itma" and the cleaning lady (Mona Lott).

28 Dec, 2016


my mum used to say that and 'its a great life if you don't weaken' is that from Itma too?

28 Dec, 2016


Don't recall that saying in the ITMA radio show, Seaburngirl.

2 Jan, 2017

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