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Christmas Greetings/ Nadolig Llawen


By eirlys


Another enjoyable year spent reading and commenting on posts here. Thank you All for your friendly and often helpful advice.

I may have posted this image last year and if I’m around will probably post it next year! Jasper died last year and we still miss him and his bigger brother, Horace. They liked Christmas and they joined in with decorating the tree.

So, here’s wishing you all:


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Only Hywel can read that, I cant even pronounce it.

12 Dec, 2016


Have a go, Diane! :O)

12 Dec, 2016


The English version is for you Diane. The Welsh one is for me so you don't need to pronounce it.
I get trouble saying it in English. It doesn't seem right.

Nadolig Llawen Eirlys :)

12 Dec, 2016


That looks like trouble.

12 Dec, 2016


And to you Eirlys. Such a shame to lose your pets. We are very lucky to still have Paddy at 13 and half years....he was so poorly a few months ago that we dared not think that we would still have him but, fingers crossed, he's rallied recently and still enjoying life!

12 Dec, 2016


Christmas greetings to you and yours Eirlys ... wasn't Jasper a handsome cat. :o)

13 Dec, 2016


Shirley: Yes Jasper and Horace were brothers and handsome. Just "ordinary" cats but they were BIG. Horace was the bigger of the two. They had sussed out the place. One hunted during the day; one hunted at night! Jasper would drop a bird if I shouted "Drop it!" . Horace's re- action was, "Get your own!"

We now have rescue cat. She is 12 and very affectionate but demanding.

Linda: They loved the tree and the baubles and insisted on helping.

Hywel: Thank you. I miss speaking Welsh as since my cousin died last year I have lost contact with my regular chat-line.

Paul: Glad to hear Paddy has made a full recovery.

13 Dec, 2016


Best wishes for Christmas Eirlys I was thinking of my cat who died last year its and how much I still miss him.

13 Dec, 2016


I wish you a Merry Christmas? I wish you a Merry Christmas?☃️⛄️ from our house to yours....

13 Dec, 2016


Eirlys, they sounded lovely cats. Ours is 13 now and still plays like a kitten at times, when she's not sleeping!

14 Dec, 2016


DRC: (Darcy!!) They really know how to steal hearts do cats and yet they can be aloof at times. I think it's one of the qualities I like about cats. "Cats rule while dogs drool". Before dog-lovers here chastise me I must say I like dogs also. I was brought up with lots of dogs and cats in the family.

Dottydaisy: You were singing that as you typed it. I heard you! I thought we were the musical nation.

Shirley: Yes our cat likes to kill her pet mouse every morning. Well it's better than the ones that used to hide under the sideboard.

14 Dec, 2016


Diolch i chi a Nadolig Llawen a blwyddyn newydd dda i chi Derek.

14 Dec, 2016 i chi, Derek. Ysgrifennais yng Nghymraeg blynyddoedd yn ol. Haws siarad yr iaith!

15 Dec, 2016


Hi Eirlys, thank you, I hope I've got the translation right !!
I didn't know whether to send in Welsh, as your avatar says Dorset, you must miss Wales, Derek.

15 Dec, 2016


Not as much now as I used to, but I love listening to the National Anthem being sung at Rugby matches. Then I feel "hiraethus"!

16 Dec, 2016


There's nothing wrong with that, it's bound to bemore emotional at times like that, Derek.

16 Dec, 2016

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