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By eirlys


I know that there are a lot of animal lovers here and that quite a few of us love cats. It’s odd, really, because some gardeners loathe them because they foul the garden and dig up plants.

I have always had cats, well just the one now, but the neighbours’ cats often visit and I have no objection even if Sage, our rescue cat, isn’t keen on them.

I have mentioned Sage in other posts. She is now thirteen and came to us from the Cats’ Protection League. We wanted an old cat as at our age a kitten wold not be feasible.

Sage has repaid us with her love and funny little ways. She is definitely the most affectionate cat we have ever owned.

As she will be our last cat I had a portrait done of her by a very talented artist called Angie. It’s a “pencil” portrait and, I think, is lovely.

What do you think?

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I'm not a cat lover per se but this is a beautiful picture. A very talented artist you have there.

I am so pleased you have given her a lovely home and she has paid you back with her love and affection.

7 Feb, 2017


I am a cat lover, owned several over the last 45 years, until I became allergic to them........hence no cats here!
I do come from a family of artists, not me unfortunately, sister, brother, daughter, and way, way back, so I know a work of art when I see one, and that is a fine piece of work, it is all about the eyes...... fabulous, you must be delighted!

7 Feb, 2017


Lovely drawing Eirlys.

7 Feb, 2017


Yes, the artist is on le and is fully booked up till the end of 2018. She draws dogs as well and they are beautiful!

The image has vanished, Is it too large? Is there another reason?

7 Feb, 2017


I still have the image Eirlys.

7 Feb, 2017


And I do!!

7 Feb, 2017


That is an excellent portrait you must be very pleased.

8 Feb, 2017


Now we can all get a sketch pad and some sketching pencils and make a start to keep us occupied until the weather warms up.

8 Feb, 2017


Well there's nothing in our garden to tempt us to anything at the moment, Diane. We heat the two greenhouses every night just to keep plants alive.

If you expect me to follow your example with a sketch pad and pencils, though...........I'm far too lazy. :O)

Yes the image is back on my PC.

Dotty: Yes we love the portrait. Credit where it's due!

8 Feb, 2017


This is flipping' fantastic! Not surprising the artist is booked up so far ahead. it most be wonderful to have a talent like that. Look at all the detail, even the little curly waxy bits inside the ears. It should bring you joy for years to come.

8 Feb, 2017


Portrait is so good had to share it and I know quite a few of you like cats. Hywel would have liked it, I reckon.

9 Feb, 2017


Save the date on the blog and they when he comes back (goodness, we all hope he does)you can show him.

9 Feb, 2017


To be quite honest, at first I thought it was a photograph!

10 Feb, 2017

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