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The genus to which the banana belongs to is made up of about 40 different species of evergreen perennials. Some of these tropical-looking plants can stand a coldish winter but most need protection in our climate.

Often thought of as a Caribbean fruit, the cultivated banana (heritage incredibly complicated and very mixed) was introduced there by the Portuguese in 1516 and weren’t widely available until refrigerated cargo ships appeared in the early 1900s.

M. basjoo or Japanese banana is a favourite in our gardens as it can survive in the cold. It has been as a source of fibre for textiles and paper in the past.

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  • Close-up of my Musa  (Musa acuminata)
    By uma
  • Banana (Musa basjoo)
    By youngdai..
  • Everything is going Bananas!! (Musa basjoo (Japanese banana))
    By Dottydai..
  • Banana with new leaf..... (Musa basjoo (Japanese banana))
    By Dottydai..


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20 Oct, 2008

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1 Sep, 2008

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10 Aug, 2008

Side shoots of Musa basjoo

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4 Jul, 2008

Musa basjoo side shoot

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6 Jun, 2008

Species of Musa

  • Musa acuminata
  • Musa alinsanaya
  • Musa angcorensis
  • Musa aurantiaca
  • Musa balbisiana
  • Musa banksii
  • Musa basjoo
  • Musa bauensis
  • Musa beccarii
  • Musa boman
  • Musa borneënsis
  • Musa bukensis
  • Musa campestris
  • Musa cheesmanii
  • Musa coccinea
  • Musa exotica
  • Musa fitzalanii
  • Musa flavida
  • Musa flaviflora
  • Musa gracilis
  • Musa griersonii
  • Musa hirta
  • Musa insularimontana
  • Musa itinerans
  • Musa jackeyi
  • Musa johnsii
  • Musa laterita
  • Musa lawitiensis
  • Musa lolodensis
  • Musa maclayi
  • Musa mannii
  • Musa monticola
  • Musa muluensis
  • Musa nagensium
  • Musa ochracea
  • Musa ornata
  • Musa paracoccinea
  • Musa peekelii
  • Musa pigmaea
  • Musa rubra
  • Musa salaccensis
  • Musa sanguinea
  • Musa schizocarpa
  • Musa siamea
  • Musa sikkimensis
  • Musa splendida
  • Musa sumatrana
  • Musa suratii
  • Musa textilis
  • Musa thomsonii
  • Musa tuberculata
  • Musa velutina
  • Musa violascens