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Friend or foe...... what do you think?

Friend or foe......  what do you think? (Leycesteria formosa Golden Lanterns.)

Found on the Leycesteria......

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No idea Dd....:>)

11 Sep, 2013


Neither have I :)

11 Sep, 2013


think friend well hopefully it is. lol :O)

12 Sep, 2013


Saw one of these of my black Sambucus yesterday: told him to just behave himself!

12 Sep, 2013


Now don't laugh but these are the green bugs that I have an irrational fear of! I have seen them with a leg span of about 4" in my garden, often on the conservatory windows. I can't make myself go into the borders to dead head at this time of year after having one on my leg whilst I was on the top slope and nearly broke my legs to get it off!! To make matters worse they come into the house through open windows.
Dotty please can you put this pic on the questions page as knowing a little more about them might help me. I'm sure they are completely harmless but they give me the creeps :o))))

12 Sep, 2013


think it is a Great green bush cricket common in the south of the country and Wales about 42mm in size if that is any help guys. Apparently they do make a noise too.

Or it could be an Oak bush cricket they are about 16mm in size.
So get out the tape measure and see which size it is, difficult to tell from a photograph. lol Sorry Annie lol

12 Sep, 2013


Olive the ones here look just like this but some are bigger than 42mm. Not heard any noises and they seem to be very slow moving......never seem one jump (Thank goodness because I would have to give up gardening Lol!)
Oh and they appear in the garden about July time :o))

12 Sep, 2013


Sounds about right then, they are late summer early autumn creatures obviously they like what you feed them on Annie, lol. only a guide the size. Do not think they do any harm though not even to us. Well I hope not anyway. :o))))

12 Sep, 2013


Now I just need someone to look them up online for me Lol! I can't even bear to look at their photos and have to turn away until I get to the comments on this one. It was a shock when I went through Dotty's pics this morning :o))))

12 Sep, 2013


I am the same but it is snakes that give me the eebie jeebies :O(

12 Sep, 2013


--~~~~~~~~~~~~0:< snake for Olive ;O))))

12 Sep, 2013


lol hahahahaha :O) not bovvered lol that isn't the real thing lol

12 Sep, 2013


When I first saw it I thought it was a Praying Mantis they are huge we had one on a bedroom wall in Spain when the children were little I didn't have a clue at the time what it was but managed to get it on my hand and took it outside .. things like that don't worry me but Snakes ..OH NO !!

12 Sep, 2013


Oh dear SORRY Annella, now this holds no fear to me whatsoever........but spiders, like you Annella cannot even bare to look at them, and the garden is filled with them at this time of the year, I am forever walking in to webs, and then I have to jump up and down and shake everything just in case one has settled on me!! luckily they are much smaller this year.
I will look on the web re the cricket/locust/grasshopper!!

13 Sep, 2013


Hi I looked at the Bug. Went on to web site there are a few things it looks like. But the nearest thing to it was a bush cricket. I might be wrong. But it's the best thing I came up with.

13 Sep, 2013


Another good reason to live in Scotland!

14 Sep, 2013


Olive and Lynda seem to think it is a bush cricket, I am happy to go along with that!!
Karen you have midges!! mind you so do we lol

14 Sep, 2013


Lol...not many more than there! What we do have is cold dark long winters!

14 Sep, 2013


I thought it was some sort of cricket. We used to get a large Jimminny cricket who came and sang in my grate in the living room on a regular basis. I used to put him out and he used to come back in again. I never knew how he managed to get in again, but he did.

29 Sep, 2013


Lindak we have never had them in the house, this is the first time we have had one in the garden......I put it down to the hot summer..

30 Sep, 2013


I've had them here for a few years and I think their colour works well as camouflage.....So why do they taunt me by sitting on the red Cotinus? Lol!

1 Oct, 2013

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