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I am still getting used to having no grass!

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It looks absolutely lovely!

18 May, 2016


It does, and its an interesting shape too. How do you feel about no grass, on balance?

18 May, 2016


Yes,I would miss having grass but, you have designed it in an interesting way and should be easier than grass to keep looking good !

18 May, 2016


Looks great and I consider grass one of the worst weeds. I tried gravel beds and there will be some members that will say they never had a problem but given a few years there will be enough organic material infiltrating in between the gravel where you will begin to have weed growth at an accelerating pace. Even if you have a membrane beneath this gravel it will not matter, the weeds will grow on top of it and if the membrane is permiable, the roots will grow through it making weeding most difficult. On non permeable membranes, a massive spread of an intertwining web of fine roots will grow on top of the membrane and removing weeds in this situation will be like pulling up a carpet with a gravel surface. If what I have related to you comes to pass, it would be good to hear from those who have successfully prevented this deterioration. As for me, looking back on it, mowing grass involved less time and effort than keeping a gravel bed in a pristine condition.

19 May, 2016


Must confess I do like a lawn even in spite of all the mowing - green is such a restful colour. Grey gravel or slate I find make me feel tense and depressed.
Gerardine's brown ones are more cheerful, and less regular work even it they need sorting every few years.

19 May, 2016


I must be going 'dolally' I wrote a reply this morning but couldnt have sent it!
Anyway thanks for your comments.
I definitely prefer grass and could have wept when it was dug up but gravel is preferable to the mess it was with molly,s "markings".
The gravel in the rest of the garden has been there 14 years and cant say ive seen much sign of weeds in it since
we came here,hopefully the new area will be the same.
We still have a lovely expanse of grass in the front garden
Im looking for new stepping stones at the moment(for gravel area)

19 May, 2016


Looks lovely, neat and tidy, not boring and the colours of the stones change with the weather. Beautiful splashes of colour there. Who needs to cut grass? Mine is slowly being eaten up by flower beds - it's not as if we ever sit on it!

19 May, 2016

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