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Front lawn.


This is the disastrous grass I was telling you about.Have you ever seen such a mess.where do I start?

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I am sure that no-one will be looking at your grass, just admiring your garden! Someone will advise though.

3 Jul, 2020


give it a good scarifying and rake out all the old thatch. a tine rake is ideal if you don't have a scarifyier.
the lawn will look even worse once it has been done but as the grass regrows it will certainly improve.
you could also use a feed and weed type product but you still need to take the dead thatch out.

3 Jul, 2020


Thanks for your actually thinking of trying seaweed fertiliser.Has anyone used it and believe it or not I’ve been looking at blood fish and bone.scarifying is something,as you say,needs to be always a little apprehensive about using a machine to scarify in case my lawns bald as there’s a lot of grass.My OH is out of action just now because when he was up a laddder clearing gutters he disturbed a wasps nest and ducking to avoid them,though he got stung on neck,he lost balance and the ladder and him ended up on the ground.He fractured his wrist poor soul but it could have been a lot worse so I’ll be the scarifier.At least I’m doing not much else at moment so I’ve plenty time.Ill do it in stages.would I throw down some grass seed do you think?I meant to say there’s a lot of moss not grass as above.

4 Jul, 2020


I’ll maybe wait til next month to scarify.dont know if you’re supposed to do it just now..Grass is hard work.Sometimes I think you can worry things too much.Ill do what I can and keep my fingers crossed it will improve.!!

4 Jul, 2020


I think part of the trouble is having cut it too short during the hot weather. The grass isn't long enough to make enough food from the dry ground. The time to scarify is either spring or autumn, not now, but it will certainly need doing then. Meanwhile give it a chance to grow and become stronger. If you look on Amazon you can find a couple of affordable books on lawn care that might stand you in god stead. Might even get one from you local library.

Don't panic when scarifying looks as though you've ruined it - it will soon recover with a bit of TLC. In the meantime you might try spiking it to allow air and water to penetrate.. When you get the grass growing vigorously again it will discourage the moss or at least be lush enough to hide it, lol.

4 Jul, 2020

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