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Rain stops play


By great


Afternoon everyone. Well Ive been shopping & got caught in the rain, now im wondering what to do. I will put my camera on charge and hopefully later take some pics of my garden and then ask one of my girls to give me a lesson in “uploading” them lol I had planned to sow my parsnips but rain stops play. So I thought I would sow my french beans in pots in doors.

Trying to sort out how to grow potatoes all year round and not just in summer. All help gratefully accepted.
What else can I start off in pots now??

My gardens looking so drab at the present.I can’t wait for it to burst into life. Oh nearly forgot my daughter says it wasen’t the raspberry bush she pruned yesterday it was the blackberry bush!!! I bought her last year in the £1 shop. Last year She got a bit upset as her twin sister mowed her raspberry bush down when she mowed the grass.what there is of it!!

God help all my garden plants when she in charge of the mower she’s relentless. But I love her dearly

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Oh no, I hope you don't get in a mess that Dylandog (in the blog above your's, and I hope I've got the name right).
Oh well if you do, your mower-happy daughter could come to the rescue eh?

27 Mar, 2010


lesson one never give a child alawn mower great lol you could start carrots off in pots or toms to, ive just done some tomatoes and sunflowers i got free, i have carrotts so may do them tomoz, couldnt be bothered after work today as they are fiddle dust like seeds :o( not grown veg before so not sure on spuds but im sure you can grow year round or at least most of year :o))

27 Mar, 2010


don`t see why you can`t grow potatoes all year round if you can keep them frost free, never tried myself but keep us posted

27 Mar, 2010


I'll keep you posted about the pots!!
Sanbaz the "child" is 26!!! lol and she says she was 'helping' just like her Granddad the other day. With all this help I'll have no garden left. Maybe my plants will pick up their roots and move out!!! ha ha

27 Mar, 2010


lol oops sorry thought was younger, keep them off the lawn mower anyway :o))

27 Mar, 2010


Can I really grow carrots in pots to plant out later? Sunflowers - sore point , we grow sunflowers every year for the birds to have seed in the winter; well that's always the plan. Every year we wait until they've grown to about 8 inches before planting out, and every year something slugs?? who knows what eats them, right the way down to ground level!!! We have tried growing them in large bottomless bottles you know the 2litre water bottles and still they disappear.

27 Mar, 2010


carrots can be planted outside now, from march so your ok, i was told you can start inside but never tried,

27 Mar, 2010


ok thanks Sanbaz just remembered sown the carrots in the wrong bed lol never grown them in pots to plant out later mmmmm maybe I will try some

27 Mar, 2010


i also read you should change where you plant carrots each year or two to stop the risk of disease ,

27 Mar, 2010


Oh Sanbaz if you only knew, you would realise that I am totally mad about my veggie garden, or totally mad or both ha ha. I have a plan of my garden, which I type up every year and have done so since 2007.I draw the beds on the computer and write in the boxes what I will grow in them every year so I don't forget. I grow my veg using a 4 year rotation system. and I still sow my carrots in the wrong place!!!! Sometimes I think there's no help for me. I blame my dad for 'helping' the other day, I had to keep an eye on him and confused myself in the process.

27 Mar, 2010


lol great you do seem organised even though you froget about your carrots hahah but it is distracting when some-one else is around, they talk and you lose all train of thought,,im sure where ever they are they will be ok :o))

27 Mar, 2010

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