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Photo's of my garden


By great


I have, or I should say my daughter has uploaded some photo’s of my garden, for you all to see.

It may not look like much to you, but it has taken years to get it to look like this!!! Let me explain…….. Are you sitting comfortably, a cup of tea in hand I hope. Here goes…………….

we moved here 20 years ago, after I got divorced and was forced to give up my nursing job (my children needed me enough said!) and the garden was in a terrible state. There were 4 foot high weeds, mostly bind weed, brambles and greater plantains covering the entire garden!!!
I set to work digging and removing all the weeds it took what seemed like forever.

Then I got a big shock, every time I dug my spade hit something really hard! Out of my garden came car tyres, a baby belling cooker, car seats, doors of all sorts, kids old toys, metal parts of cars and a heck of a lot of glass and other rubbish, including tables and chairs!!!!!

It took years of hard work, sweat; lots of tears and if I’m honest tantrums and several really bad backaches to clear all that lot. I practically did it on my own.

Then not having a clue, about growing veg I bought some seed. Watched gardening programs and made compost, recycled everything I could get my hands on and slowly but surely got something resembling a garden.

Oh how I wished I had found this website years ago-where were you all????

I have been really serious about growing veg for about 18 years.. It was a necessity
back then, no job, recently divorced, kids going off the rails, well my son anyway, one twin with a hearing problem and struggling at school.

My garden saved me from boredom and feeling totally empty and useless; gave us food to eat so we never went hungry and has made me enjoy living again.

Being in my garden now makes me happy and makes me feel alive. I love the wildlife that visits and the crops I grow. The taste is so much better than you could ever get from the shops. Gardening keeps my stress levels down. Which is a good thing.

So that’s my story. The garden is always changing and I am always learning and now I have lovely friends to share it with.
Hope you like the photos Pauline

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This is a lovely blog, Pauline. You certainly had a lot to cope with, both in life and in sorting out your garden! Gardening is certainly therapeutic, and having your own veg must be lovely. Maybe I'll try growing some veg in sacks...Off to look at your photo's now. (You can put photo's in a blog....things to come eh?!) :-))

28 Mar, 2010


Welcome to GOY Pauline, and well done! Look forward to seeing more pictures as time goes on.

28 Mar, 2010


You've come a long way Great. Brilliant. Just off to look at your photos now.

28 Mar, 2010


Thank you, I'm not sure how to write a blog and put the photos in it. I thought they were in it actually!! Oh heck this is all new to me!!!!! The funny thing is I taught my children to use computers and now everything changes so quickly I cant keep up- that's my excuse any way.

28 Mar, 2010


you`v had lots to do .. and have probably done all the really hard work..well done ..i can see pots of plants there all ready to burst into colour

28 Mar, 2010


I will look at your photos later on. You have done well on your own. It's no joke when there's nobody to help you and you have other things to do aswell.
I'm sorry but I had to laugh at the thought of all those things being buried in the ground. Who would do a thing like that lol.

28 Mar, 2010


Well Pauline you have done a great job. I can emphasize with you as when we moved in to our home the previous owners had never returned any of their glass milk bottles but had slung them in the garden. After 40 years we`re still getting pieces of glass come to the surface. I must admit though I did have my hubby to help me clear it.

28 Mar, 2010


Hello Pauline I enjoyed your blog and pics this site will can be addictive but I love it!

28 Mar, 2010


Hi Pauline/Great, and welcome to GOY from me too, I'm a rare visitor at present, spending more time than I'd like behind a desk : ( but I'm grateful for the job all the same. My colleagues keep me sane. I'd rather be weeding, but probably come to think of it would spend more time drinking tea and beholding the weeds instead of removing them!
I've just had a lovely bonfire this evening, my son helping and hindering me. I have 3 kids, but not grown up yet. They all enjoy the garden, but it's me or my husband who do most of the work.

We were just mulling over potato varieties. We prefer waxy not fall-apart-in-the-pan type, and just wondered, reading your blog if with all those years of experience you can recommend a variety or two, there are so many it's bewildering. We've noted down Wilja, Nicola, Maris Peer, and maybe Charlotte. Small beginnings for us with veg gardening, but we're enjoying it.

Well done on all you've achieved in your garden, brilliant stuff.

Happy Spring!

Weeding x - sorry that turned into a q and almost a PM, apologies to anyone who thinks I've got off the point with all that rambling.

28 Mar, 2010


you ramble away that's fine by me. Personally I love wilja ans estima. im growing charlotte for the 1st time ihis year-its a salad potaotoe by the way I also love Nadine. Im new to all this what's a PM??

Anytome you feel like weeding come to mine, at least my weeds are not as bad as they used to me thank god

28 Mar, 2010


Hywel, you can laugh lol, I cried and cried and moaned. Never again I thought. But everything in life is sent to try us and I've come out the other side and I am a better woman for it!!! Who says we always need a man, it would be nice to have a man to help me but i dont need one.

28 Mar, 2010


You sound very bitter, but I do agree.
I need nobody at all - man nor woman. Nobody at all ! It's better to be independant. :o))

By the way I wasn't laughung at you, but at the thought of someone planting all that stuff under the ground.

29 Mar, 2010


my god pauline you deserve a medal, pitty it wasnt burried treasure rather than house hold affects, never mind all worth while in the end, good for you :o))

29 Mar, 2010


I do feel for you - I live on a relative new estate and the stuff that keeps coming up! Used to be an old school and I'm sure they just knocked it down and shoved dirt over it!!!
I agree about your garden being good for stressed - I always say when my garden looks good you know I'm stressed! I'm a single mum (been on my own 16 years now after a messy divorce) with two teenagers and use my garden to grow food - it is a housing association house and have gradually got the rest of the estate interested! Just keep your chin up and remember for everything you've dug out you can put something nice in!!! :-)))

29 Mar, 2010


Hywel, do I really sound bitter. Im not, honest!! I am grateful it happened in a way as it taught me to stand on my own 2 feet and get on with it. My moto is carry on regardless. My kids are a credit to me, they've done brilliantly at uni etc and as for the garden it is so much better than it used to be!!

When my vegetables pop their heads out of the soil, its as though my garden is saying thanks for loving me and not giving up on me-which would have been the easy option.

Yes I know you weren't laughing at me!!! I can't believe the cheek of some people have the previous people never heard of a bin??

29 Mar, 2010


Hello Geuisscuffy, its nice when people follow your lead isnt it. Your probably right about your garden, hope you dont find any desks like I did lol

29 Mar, 2010


I had a house once that had been built on a piece of land that had been....a tip!! The stuff we found.....

Potatoes ~ I have just brought a sack of Wilja from my farm shop, they are a good all rounder and have turned out good however I have cooked them.

A PM is a private message, you have the option of sending these to other members, the link is on the top left of each members page. :~))

29 Mar, 2010


Ok, so a PM stands for personal message (strictly I probably should have PM'd you there but never mind) To send one, click on the GOY member's avatar - I didn't know what that was either until recently! - so for example for me it's the photo of our cat perched on the 'puter table. Be very careful and never put your address or phone no. or anything of that nature in a message that can be read by anyone, or your email either. PMs are useful to me for example when I replied to another member who kindly sent me a plant, or to say personal thanks to somebody. You'll very quickly get the hang of it.

I'm quite a long way from London (in Worcestershire, not Cameroon btw) but otherwise I'd love to pop round. Yr veg sounds great.

29 Mar, 2010


Thanks Pottygardener. Wilja..... yeah I had them before and loved em. I realsied what a PM was when I switched off my computer. It was rather late so forgive me.

29 Mar, 2010

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