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I will add this as nature and wildlife as the moan I am about to make used to be partly that and partly Country life and farming. I am of course talking about The Archers!
Now I know that radio is not the in thing and possibly some of the younger member of GOY have never listened to the Archers, but us older folk have.
Perhaps not regularly, but it’s a programme you can drop for a while and pick up again and still get the gist of it – bit like village cricket matches!
Anyway, while driving about on Sunday to go and help my daughter dig over her new garden (I did not much I may add) I was listening to the radio. Radio 4 is the station of choice when I am motoring about, so I caught the omnibus edition of the programme.
Shock, horror, disbelief and mostly boredom when I discovered that the programme makers had turned it into a monologue, and not just a cheery, humorous one, but a gloomy deep in the depths of my mind’s depression type!
Now I know that programme making is hard in the pandemic, but I think I would rather go without or even start from the beginning again, rather than hear what each person thinks of another’s attitude, actions or whatever.
Anyone else been listening, what do you all think?

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Hi HSG! I used to listen to it when I had radio 4 on. But lately I haven't been listening to that station. I got tired of all the talking. I used to enjoy it very much when it was on you say, you can get the gist, even if you haven't caught all of the programmed. As you say, it must be hard to make any programmes right now and yes, I think I'd rather they took a break than made it a heavy monologue just for the sake of having something to air. Life is depressing enough at the moment!

16 Jul, 2020


Its never been the same since they changed writers. Its more like any other old soap now and I miss the family and farming stuff and get fed up with that being full of small crime etc. Of course the old characters have gone now but I can't somehow get into it any more. It used to be different from the usual TV soaps. I don't know whether the "new" writer is trying to attract a younger audience but she is managing to alienate the older one if the listeners I know are anything to go by.

16 Jul, 2020


Ah...pity. Yes, it was different. I can't stand all these violent soaps where everyone screams all the time.

18 Jul, 2020


I totally agree with you about those tedious monologues being broadcast on The Archers!! I listened to two of them and that was enough for me!!
I do hope they find a way of getting the programme back to normal one day soon!!!

19 Jul, 2020


I agree with you Karen, who wants to listen to the depths of the characters woes, or how he thinks he should mow the top field? There is just no flow somehow.

I agree Stera that perhaps they are trying to appeal to younger listeners, many younger people do you know who listen to Radio 4? Also there are not many younger people who have any experience of the land, not like when the majority of people worked on the land or had a tie to it. I agree it was always somehow more appealing than other soaps - we stopped watched those years ago, too much drama, catastrophe and fighting. How many times can you remember things like that happening in your area, let alone the number of times it happens in soaps!

Back to Karen's comment about the violence and screaming, surely in real life people who live like that are in a minority? One would hope so anyway.

One can only hope Wildrose that things in Ambridge get back to normal quickly!

19 Jul, 2020


Gosh I haven't listened to The Archers for donkey's years, to be honest I didn't realise it was still going, used to love it but sounds as though is gone the same way as all the others.. I haven't been watching the soaps lately, they're all doom and gloom these days, we need entertaining, a bit of laughter in our lives, the writers say they are true to life, Well!!!..that is a load of codswallop..

22 Jul, 2020


I know Lincs that there are only certain times we listen to the radio, mine is when I am driving, otherwise I don't have anything running in he house. Can't stand background music and much prefer the quiet!
I know the writers of soaps have to entertain and bring some drama into the story-lines but to say they are lifelike, I think is a misnomer, most people plod through life (luckily) without all the mishaps that descend on the characters in these soaps!

23 Jul, 2020


I am getting fonder of silence as time goes by! I used to always have the radio on, but nowadays I find most music, even ‘classical’ is just noise.

25 Jul, 2020


I'm glad I am not the only one Karen. People seem to be worried about silence these days, what's so frightening about the lack of noise?

26 Jul, 2020

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