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Hello everyone,

I have finally got around to visiting GoY again after (and I’m rather ashamed to admit this) nearly a month away!

sorry, sorry, so very sorry

I just wanted to thank everyone for the emails and PM’s asking after me and my obvious absence.

Yes, my health hasn’t been at it’s best for a while but you should know me better than that by now. I never let that stop me from doing something or other and I haven’t this time either.

As some of you already know, I have been developing a liking for video making and especially editing and have found myself becoming more and more engrossed in the weird and wonderful world that is You_Tube!

This has had an unusual side affect in that it has rubbed off on Holly (our eight year old daughter) who is also developing a liking for video making and loves directing, or rather, she thoroughly enjoys telling me what to do! Lol.

She has even made her own video for which she came up with the concept, positioned the camera (she told me where to stick it! Lol) and directed the action. I “acted” in it, edited it and posted it on my channel on You_tube.

As you know she loves reading the comments on here and, indeed, it was herself that got me back here so I’m sure she would be delighted if she found out that some of you had commented on her video as well.

I will put a link to it and also another to my channel (home) page at the end of this blog if anyone would like to see what we’ve been up to!

Now to personal news

As I’ve already said my health has not been what it should be but this has not stopped us from having some very good laughs, particularly when I tried to cut my own hair!

It started off because the barber I usually go to had been closed for two weeks as he was moving house. I was so desperate to get my hair cut that I decided to dig out the old shears that Carol used to use on me before I realised that where my hair was once all waves the tide was going out and it was becoming all beach! lol.

Carol didn’t feel up to doing it so, in my wisdom, I thought it can’t be that hard and tried to do it myself (my first mistake!)

After all, all you do is whiz the shears back and forth until the hair stops falling, right? (second mistake! !)

So with determination and to little fore-thought I set up the bathroom mirror, hanging from a kitchen unit and set to (third mistake! ! !)

I started at the front and cut backwards from my brow (roughly somewhere North of my nose) and in one swoop cut a strip right to the back of my head (the biggest mistake of my life! ! ! !)

Observe the result!





I am soooooo smart and clever it had never occurred to me to check which guide I had in place and as you can see it was quite clearly the wrong one!

Well, unfortunately, once you have cut hair it won’t stick back on in any sensible fashion so I was left with no option but to call Carol through and let her see what I had done :~/

After she had stopped laughing and I had picked her up off the floor she still had to finish it off for me.

So here is the result……..

Oh and please ignore the unusual watermark on the second and third photo (they were part of a competition, which is far to complicated to explain now!) Needless to say it started with the comment “I was seeing the girl over the road until the police came and confiscated my binoculars” BOOM, BOOM

So, that is my news except to say we had a wonderful Christmas and, yes, I got very drunk at the new year! Lol.

Again I am soooooo very, very sorry to have been away for so long and I will do my best to visit more often in future! Lol.

Links to Hollys video and my channel page

Holly’s video, called Bathing baby Digs

And My channel page

Here’s wishing you all everything you would wish for yourselves in 2011.

X x X

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What a lovely blog Ian and yes I did laugh I can just imagine you doing that never mind it wont take long to grow back. :0))))

3 Jan, 2011


Hi Stripes,

Thank you. Actually, I am getting used to it and might even consider keeping it this way!

3 Jan, 2011


A bit chilly for this time of year though Ian!!! You will have to wear a bonnet.....LOL
Had a look at Holly's video too.....what laugh...that music of course is just perfect and makes you laugh anyway - so I can well see why Holly was so are a couple of naturals!!!

3 Jan, 2011


glad all is well at your end. Pleased Holly is keeping you in order :o)
all the best for 2011

3 Jan, 2011


happy newyear ian and family, should have asked me about the clippers ian lol, made me laugh, glad your feeling better and keep it up will soon be spring then in the garden, did you get any help sorted out in the way of comunity help for the garden ian, hope so :o))

3 Jan, 2011


Well Ian, I can only say it's about time too! But it was worth the wait and I knew you'd make us laugh when you did come back. :o))
Sorry to hear things are still not too good on the health front but as usual you're making the best of it. I'm not sure that you're destined for a new career in hair fashion though!
Happy new year to you, Carol and Holly xx

3 Jan, 2011


Your haircut doesn't look as bad as I envisaged it Ian!!....but it will soon grow back in....won't it?...I'm off to look at Holly's artistic direction now.....I'll be back :-))

3 Jan, 2011


Lol Ian:-))'r both mad...but funny:-)

Well done Holly.....keep your Dad on his toes. xx

3 Jan, 2011


Lovely to see you back on GOY, Ian. I don't know - what a time of year to shave your head! We'll have to club up and buy you a woolly hat! :-))

3 Jan, 2011


Awww Thank you everyone for your lovely comments. Holly's video came about because she loves watching Scooby Doo on TV and that's the kind of thing they get up to on there. I think I can remember it from my younger days! Lol.

As for my hair cut, what can I say except, next time I'll be more patient and wait for the barber shop to be open!

3 Jan, 2011


Definitely worth the wait to read this blog ... you really should have tested those clippers out on your arm first! Give it 6 weeks and you'll have that patch covered with new hair. Love the video of you two ... take care.

4 Jan, 2011


Thanks Shirley,

I'm a bloke (of the blokiest kind! Lol) so trying things out and checking things are like foreign languages to me!

I'm actually getting quite used to it now and when people try to give me funny looks whilst driving they look and then change their mind! Lol.

5 Jan, 2011


: o )))))))

6 Jan, 2011


Hi & welcome to GoY, Ian! Oh, sorry, I see you're not a new member as I thought for a moment! LOL! :-D

Happy New Year Ian & to Holly & Carol. Good to see you back with us!

I watched Holly's video & laughed a lot with your actions! Reminded me of the B&W films of the beginning of the 20th century! You should have done it in B&W, for a more "authentic" look! LOL!

In your own channel the quality is much better than in the 1st link you gave us.

Your "haircut" was very "original"! :-D LOL!

8 Jan, 2011


Now now Balcony, it hasn't been that long ... Well OK it has! Lol.
Thank you for the new year wishes and we all wish you the very best for 2011.

I never thought about the B&W idea, it would have made it a lot better! lol.

I can't understand why the quality would be better on my channel page as opposed to the video page but I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Holly is over the moon that everyone likes it and is now working on a sequel!

9 Jan, 2011


In B&W? It would be like the Buster Keaton & Charlie Chaplin films of a 100 years ago!

9 Jan, 2011


I'm not sure what she wants this time but the word spaceship has been mentioned!

10 Jan, 2011


Star Trek in B/W! At "warp speed"! LOL! :-D

10 Jan, 2011


Lol ;~))

10 Jan, 2011

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