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Playing catch up - part 1


How is everyone doing?
It’s been a while since the last post. With the weather being cold and wet it seems as if all the plants in the garden hibernated hoping (just like me) for a dry and sunny spell. Well, this is yet to come but it looks as if finally the plants are waking up all at once. We still have bluebells flowering underneath the tree in the North facing corner but at the same time there’s the clematis, geraniums, roses, tulips, sweet williams, saxifrage, petunias, aquilegias … all producing tons of flower buds. It almost looks orchestrated. An invisible conductor pulling the strings above, starting the summer display in the garden (at last!). Here’s some pictures I took this morning:

We’re off to visit Lorna McMahon’s private garden in Ardcarraig this afternoon. It’s opened to public 3 weekends in May (today being the last day so can’t delay any longer!). I should have part 2 plus photos from Lorna’s garden for you soon.


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It all looks lovely and very healthy - I do like how you are covering that wall with sweet peas - you've just given me an idea, thanks for that :)
I hope you enjoy your afternoon out. Will be looking forward to reading all about it.

25 May, 2014


Nice to see everything doing so well. It's going to be a floriferous summer I think :)

25 May, 2014


Scottish, probably because I did not show you the 'sick' ones. The climbing rose has been for years now struggling with some sort of fungal infection. I am yet to spray it with chemicals, but have tried almost all the 'organic' magic tricks and non worked so far. It produces flowers but the leaves are wrinckly and spotted. It may need a drustic cut or even a one wAy ticket to rose heaven :) I've also notices some of the plants have spit or foam like, frothy stuff on them. Any ideas what it is?

Hywel, I hope it is going to be a floriferious one. It's been so miserable here it really sterted to influence my mood. And what should be recommended is a bit of garden therapy, me thinks :)

Ps: the garden we visited today was lovely. I took close to a hundred pictures and came home with a basket full of plants... ooops :)

25 May, 2014


Lovely pics - what a great idea the planting round the bird bath is!

25 May, 2014


Sterahram, thank you! The bird bath is just an old glass pot lid that we no longer use. Since it's lacking a stand, it sits low on the ground in, what is slowly becoming, a rockery. Birds love it, they bathe in it daily, and we get a great kick out of watching them cleaning their feathers there ;)

26 May, 2014


Welcome to Goy . What a lovely blog ! I love the way you did the writing underneath each picture !
I can't believe that you have Cosmos in flower this early ! Is it warmer in S. Ireland then ?
Looking forward to more of your blogs.

26 May, 2014


The spit is:
Cuckoo spit is a white frothy liquid secreted by the nymphs of a sap-sucking insect known as a froghopper.
You can either wash it off with a jet of water or wipe them off by hand. They are unsightly but according to the RHS do little damage.

26 May, 2014


Rose1949 - thanks for stopping by! I'm new to gardening and have lots to learn but I enjoy the process ;) I've noticed this year (and it's my second year gardening) that my planting is less experimental and more thoughtful. I research more, make sure the plant I spend money on has a chance of survival. Last year I bought 2 lovely azaleas only to kill them in the alkaline soil ;/ This year the new azalea lives in a planter in acidic conditions and is (so far, touch wood) thriving there.
I can't say if cosmos is early, I've not had it in the garden before. I was hoping it would grow taller and bushier before it produces flower buds but I'm rather happy to see those first summer flowers even on a small plant ;)
Yesterday was the first dry and warm(ish) day in a loooong looong time. The temp. reached 17oC. Today is meant to be similar and I am gutted that I have to spend most of the day working (in a building with lovely views of the Galway Bay). I may have my dinner out in the garden though, something to look forward to ;D

Scottish - a froghopper? I heard of them but for some reason thought they are much bigger creatures. If they are relatively harmless, I'll let them be. It's the snails I want to rid the garden off before they eat everything down to the ground. It may be time for some slug pellets!

27 May, 2014


I should have realised about the weather , Jagienka as my very good friend lives in N. Ireland and their weather has been awful ! So much rain !!
If the Cosmos is little and you need it to grow bushy, then nip the flowers off ( I know you won't want to do this!) and the strength will then go into the plant and in time you will get a big bushy plant. If its leggy, then also pinch the top growth out. I hope this helps ! Happy Gardening !

27 May, 2014

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