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Hello to all you Grows on You bloggers – I have not posted for a while but here we go again
The weather here today is awful just pelting down so the following are pics taken this week when the weather was good.
I had a disastrous winter in the greenhouse and lost a lot of plants to a really hard frost – but fortunately I had managed to re locate quite a lot of plants to the utility and the conservatory

I have started over by setting seeds and taking cuttings and find this very therapeutic

My Norfolk Pine is now outside on the decking again and appears to be none the worse from its spell in the utility

Best wishes to you all and enjoy your day


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Thankyou Meadowland for your comment - my Norfolk Pine needs to be frost free and it is getting quite large to over winter but it is special

21 Apr, 2023


Welcome back Jane, its not good here either so apart from watering the g'house and generally checking things over, its an indoor armchair gardening day for me...I'm pleased you didn't lose everything as it has been hard at times to keep on top of it, I did have a scare with the contents of my g'house as well, thankfully after emergency scramble to move as many indoors as I could and then creating a safe insulated corner and shelf I managed to save most of them, was a hodgepodge mess but it worked for me, now I have two mini g'houses stood inside the big one and in view of our crazy weather they are still being closed up every evening.....By the size of your pine tree I think you will be erecting a tent for it in the future Jane....

21 Apr, 2023


Welcome back, Jane. Looks like you've been extremely busy with your seedlings, you've a fab collection there! All looking really healthy too.
Your pine is a lovely one, love the shape of it.

21 Apr, 2023


Glad to see you back, Jane! You certainly have a good collection of Sweet Pea seedling there!

Like you I lost a lot of plants over the winter, especially Geraniums & Pelargoniums. Fortunately I take cutting in late summer while keeping the original plants in the mini-greenhouse on the balcony table. Most years it works fine for me &, as I had put it inside another plastic bag, in which a mattress came a couple of years ago, most of the plants inside it survived!

Some cutting were kept in the kitchen window & a few plants on other windowsills around the flat so, all in all, I didn't lose anything really I couldn't replace! 👍

21 Apr, 2023


Thankyou Lincslass for your comment - yes the frosts were bad - I used fleece I thought that would do the trick but obviously not - the annoying bit was I do have a good heater but chose not to put it on because of the power crisis

22 Apr, 2023


Thankyou all for your comments Klahanie the seedlings were slow to get going and it seemed an age before they came through in the propagator

Kate 123 I love my Norfolk Pine I had one previously but lost that due to frost although it was inside but in a cold greenhouse

Balcony yes the sweet peas seem to be doing well I previously have sown them in the autumn with not much luck I think mice took them so I read an article in the Gardening News about Spring Growing for Sweet Peas and yes so far so good

22 Apr, 2023

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