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Against all odds


Hello everyone – what an amazing time of year – to gaze through the window and see that the garden is coming alive – each day a different plant gives fresh hope for another season – and also to see all those jobs that need attention – anyway here are a few pics of the ups and downs in my garden the most troublesome for me is – was – a rogue mouse in the greenhouse – well I am not sure whether he is still there or not.

Magnolia Stellata – looks lovely against a blue sky – not many of those lately – an old friend outside the kitchen window

The window boxes have done well this year – the daffodils and hyacinths have bowed down to the rain a little but the smaller bulbs have survived well – but horror shock look at the decking a job waiting there – Bluey always wants to be in the picture -

Lots to do here as well – weed the pathway – sweep up after the hedgehog and give the borders a good sort out – lots of things beginning to show shoots so care will be needed there.

This little plant is in its second season – Epimedium Davidii – bought from a local CGS meeting – and in the border just in front of the hedgehog house – yes he or she is still visiting – coming out of hibernation and now seems to use the house every other 2 or 3 days for a daily sleep – how lucky am I

I love this Hellebore – it is its best ever this year

6 pots of primula sieboldii – my favourites – this year I have gently checked the roots for the dreaded vine weevil – and did find a couple of the little horrors

Hepatica seedlings – I have potted on 2 little plants but am a bit hesitant to pot the others in case I loose them all – any advice Brian ? –

Primula Allioni Milkweed – really pleased with this one – it has mainly been outside – but taken under cover for really bad weather

In the greenhouse and against all odds my Pleiones – in their second year – earlier this year a mouse burrowed all around them and I thought it had damaged the bulbs – but they have put on a lovely display

My Amarylis was looking pretty sick just before Christmas – no sign of a bud or any growth – so I turned it out of its pot and it appeared to be pot bound – so it was re-potted and here are the results – I have another one soon to re-flower that I re-potted at the same time

and finally Pink Capitan a scented Pelargonium bought from Malvern a couple of years ago – this will be a cutting of that one -

Enjoy your week and Happy Gardening Jane

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some exciting plants coming along nicely. Yes it is lovely to walk around and see plants re-emerging from last years growth.

I've been weeding and doing edges today.

24 Mar, 2017


Some lovely pictures there, lucky girl having a hedgehog dont know where ours went may be she'll be back ....

24 Mar, 2017


depends how many pots full of Hepaticas you want,they are hardy but tend to get lost in open ground,I have some in a sheltered trough they are not bad or if you have cyclamen growing in a shade area they would i think do alright between them.
I would tip the pot and tease a few more away around the edges and pot pot them on ,the rest re pot in a size larger pot and some should flower next year. love the hellebore,and all the rest.

the primula is milkmaid

24 Mar, 2017


Your garden is looking lovely Jane :) I have the same issues with my Deck and I find that Algon is excellent. You just dilute it in a watering can or sprayer and let nature take its course. It does pong a bit for a few days, but only of vinegar.

24 Mar, 2017


You've some lovelies there Jane., especially the Hellebore and the Pleiones - beautiful.

24 Mar, 2017


I agree with Stera ... such pretty blooms.

25 Mar, 2017


Seaburngirl- thanks for your comments- yes it is lovely to walk round and see something new coming through - our bluebells are next I think followed by the Welsh Poppies - I have to watch them both because they take over if I am not careful - but the bees love them both.

Thanks for calling by Stripes - yes I love hedgehogs he or she is a very welcome visitor

Brian thanks so much for your advice and comments - I am sorry I called the primula Milkweed - I don't know where that came from because it says Milkmaid on the label
Thankyou Karen for your comments - your tip for the decking is much appreciated - I am going to try that - and I shall post a pic when it is done

Hello Sue - Thanks for your comments - yes the Hellebore has done its best ever this year - and the Pleiones have defied all odds

Thanks for calling by Shirley Tulip and thanks for your comment


25 Mar, 2017


Your garden is certainly nice and full....I like that. All the magnolias seem full of blooms this year. There is a very large Stellata on my dog walking route and it smells gorgeous.

25 Mar, 2017


Ours has done really well Paul it has been moved twice - in the past - it is to big now to move - I love it - thanks for your comment - jane

26 Mar, 2017


That looks a real plants woman garden Jane full of interest.

28 Mar, 2017

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