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Pine siskins (Spinus pinus)


I was watching a flock of pine siskins enjoying our fountain yesterday. They are very social birds

They are birds in the finch family

They are size of sparrows and have a yellow stripes in the wings and tail . In these photos they look more white .

Their numbers can fluctuate greatly around here.

Some years we have none or very little and others we are infested with them.

Glad to see them having fun.

This fountain is very popular with all sorts of birds.

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Certainly having a funtime there...My son has bred Siskins for a few years,K...they are very sociable birds.

16 Sep, 2020


We get the odd visitor sometimes in the summer. I think your fountain is perfect for communal bathing! Great photos.

17 Sep, 2020


we get the European siskin here as a breeding population with the odd American visitor too. They are lovely birds though their call can be a little irritating after a while.

they clearly love having a bath.

17 Sep, 2020


They are really lovely and great to see such a flock of them. How do you keep the fountain clean? We had to fill ours full of flowers as the pigeons just made it dirty, disgusting and full of feathers (as well as unmentionables).

17 Sep, 2020


They are really loving that fountain. Great photos!

18 Sep, 2020


Thank you Medowland, Interesting that your son breed

Thank you Agnet. The fountain attracts many birds but they cannot jump in bowls are too deep, Most come only for drink but they like the fact that water is splashing down of these bowls edges and hit them.

Thank you for your comment SBG. They are lovely birds They are feisty and yappy. I like to have them around .

Honeysuckle, We do not have pigeons. Birds cannot bathe in it . It is way too deep. They just come for drink and a little splash.
We have lots of birdbaths and they have to be rinsed every day.

Thank you Bathgate. our hummingbirds love it too.
They wait every morning for it. As soon as we switch it on there is a flock if them hopping around edges.

18 Sep, 2020


Thanks for sharing, Klahanie! Fantastic little birds, they look like their having the best time! Your pics are lovely and clear.

18 Sep, 2020


Thanks Kate

18 Sep, 2020

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