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What a year I have had, starting with the very wet winter, which saw me digging up most of my bearded irises and potting them up, in anything I could lay my hands on. There are hundreds because I had to separate most of them as bigger pots means more compost and take up too much room. I started to sell my plants last Spring and it has been going well, what I was not making much money and the work got the better of me and I had to give up in the summer. My health deteriorating further my gardens were looking awful and I was thoroughly ashamed of them. I had to move plants around so as to get the best sites for my beloved irises. I started to sort out out the front garden in september so that I could grow some more tulips and daffodils, and I had to cut down the many shrub roses and flowering shrubs, it was and is a lot of work for me and I can only do it in short bursts as the pain it causes knocks me out for a while.

The garden looked a bit better in the autumn and I felt better about it. Then the boom shell hit, the land lords, housing association decided to erect scaffolding around the whole building for repairs to the property and I was due to leave for a week at my daughters. The new iris bed is near the house, so I then had to dig up most of my irises again. the green house is full to bursting, they are irises everywhere.
Of course I have a lot to be thankful for, my gardens are bigger than the rest of the close, and of course I have many plants but this year has been a challenge.

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Won't say I like the contents of your blog, as I am so sorry to hear of your troubles. It is dreadful to be put under pressure to preserve your precious plants. Workmen probably don't appreciate the time, money and effort that goes into making a beautiful garden. I would feel the same.
On the plus side, think of the colour to come from your bulb planting. Keep good spirits and pace yourself. Lol

3 Nov, 2015


I feel for you L'dog, all your beautiful Iris getting stuck under heavy scaffolding is not a nice thought and I'm glad you managed to move them, lets hope the scaffolding does not have to remain there for long, having had a bad year as regards illness which curtailed my gardening I know how disheartening it feels, especially when one can see the jobs that need doing and yet unable to get stuck in and sort them, short and steady is the way trying not to overwork ourselves, nothing you can do whilst workmen are in the way so have a rest at your daughters and try not to worry about your garden, it will bounce back next springtime and think of all the delights to come from your bulb planting. Given you a like because it was good to hear from you, take care......

3 Nov, 2015


I'm going to be Pollyanna and say when things get you down there's only one place to go....UP!

It's a sad time of year and a sad time for a garden. You are bound to be affected by the awful scaffolding but just think what it will be like when that's gone, the repairs are done and the Irises come into their own again.

Remember also, this year's nearly over!

3 Nov, 2015


That must have been a real challenge for you and so frustrating too. lets hope that by the time Spring comes you'll have had a good rest , the bulbs will be flowering and the scaffolding gone.

3 Nov, 2015


Thanks everyone for your comments, the scaffolding has now been down for 1 week and I have managed to plant my daffs and tulips in the border that I had dug up, so waiting now for the beginning of the new year so I can commence sowing seeds, wonderful, cheers Lemondog

3 Dec, 2015

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