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Quite a bit going on in the greenhouse, lots more sowing to do, but running out of space.
The petunia’s are coming along nicely.

Gaillardia’s looking nice.

Coleus, pleased with these, I think they are a wonderful addition to any planting scheme.

Rudbeckia’s, all the way from the U.S.A., a Christmas present.

Echinacea’s, two colours white and purple, this was taken last week, quite a few coming through now.

Antirrhinums, love these, they create a mass of colour when grouped together.

Lastly, on the update side, this one has come along fantastically, compare it to the previous blog. Can’t wait to see this in the summer.

All these plants will need pricking out and potting on some time in the future, so I needed some more pots. I have quite a few, but they will need cleaning, disinfecting etc. and as I’m sure you know it’s an arduous task. I decided to buy some new one’s. Wilko’s and all the other stores are very expensive and the cost would have been prohibited for the amount of pots I need. INTERNET>>> 2,000 pots… 9cm wide, 8cm deep, £12.50p a 1000. BARGAIN.

Happy Gardening All

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Can`t beat internet even with postage one can still save a fortune.
Your seedlings are doing well Ll and that rarity at the bottom is sprouting well, I wondered what category it comes under for nomination on goypedia.....

19 Feb, 2011


Thanks Lincs, Ciderious apple plant, perhaps. :o))

19 Feb, 2011


LOL. good one....

19 Feb, 2011


you will have a lovely collection come summer littlelegs and plenty to drink off the ciderious apple plant :o))

19 Feb, 2011


Glad to see everything looking so healthy ... you'll need helpers pricking those out! Is the last plant a 'cut & come again' type ... you know the type ... pick some and it grows again! lol

19 Feb, 2011


thats outragesly cheep isnt it . it makes you wonder either how they can make a living or on the other side if they can make a living then why are a 1000 so expensive here . theres something wrong there for sure lol .

20 Feb, 2011


I think I'll grow one of those ciderous apple plants this year :o)

Brilliant lot of seedlings you have there. They'll be sure to give a good display in the summer .

20 Feb, 2011


That's amazing LL, can hardly believe those petunias! What a display you're going to have this summer . . .

20 Feb, 2011


Thanks for all the comments, it will be a lot of pricking out, but the end results are worth it and I'm sure the ciderious apple plant will grow whilst I'm doing it. Just been on goypedia and can't see ciderious apple under C.

20 Feb, 2011


Lots of little seedlings, nice! I confess that I rarely grow anything from seed, unless I can sow the seeds directly into the ground. I just don't have enough light for it. You'll enjoy those Rudbeckias and they will self-seed like crazy - I've had to rehome some of mine!

21 Feb, 2011


its the 'pricking out' bit that i dont like ~ is that a bad thing to say on here?

i see the ciderplant has grown up to be very charismatic!!??

21 Feb, 2011


Why don't you like that part of propagating then, Sticki? I find it really relaxing, fiddly at times, but enjoyable. : o ))

21 Feb, 2011


too fiddly; which is odd cos i will fiddle with paper things and computer and baking for ages; i think its cos they are so delicate im afraid of breaking them; i grew several last night and altho they mostly germinate the next bit doesnt seem to go so well ~ they always go very stalky.

21 Feb, 2011


Well, my seeds were sown the Sunday before last and began to grow so fast that I wondered what on Earth to do with them! Filled a slightly deeper seed tray and buried them almost up to their tiny leaves. Fingers crossed they'll thrive. : o ))

21 Feb, 2011


i hope so too! the other problem i had was ~ nowhere to put them once they were spaced out and needing to grow on.

21 Feb, 2011


: o ((((

21 Feb, 2011


Thanks Laurem, I am looking forward to the rudbeckias, first time i've grown them.
Sticki, I agree with Shirley about pricking out. I find it relaxing and it's amazing how the ciderious apple plant grows bigger, as if its happening before your own eyes. ;o)
Thats where the second greenhouse comes in handy.

22 Feb, 2011


all good stuff..would like to see the progress of the Rudbeckia’s..

well done with the pots..

23 Feb, 2011


Thanks Skip, will be putting regular updates on all.

24 Feb, 2011

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