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a little bit more about me


Morning to all my new found friends on GOY.

Its a rainy old day in Liverpool today and I have work this afternoon so no gardening for me :(

Just thought I would write a little blog to tell you all a little bit more about me as im browsing through all your profiles and finding out lots about your gardens but not much about the gardener.

So the basics, Im 32 and from Liverpool(Love my city and im a very proud scouser),
I live with my partner, my 7 year old son and I have two step children who come to stay at the weekend.
We moved into our new home two years ago after living in a small two bedroom flat with no garden :( boo hoo
When Im not working part time as a receptionist I enjoy spending time with my friends and family and now my garden :)
I have a passion for live music, cooking and eating :) and most recently Indian culture, music and dance.

Would be great to find out a bit more about you guys so feel free to add to this blog.

Best wishes and happiness to you all.

Cheryl x

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Hi Cheryl,

I am 38 married with 3 children and 2 adopted pussy cats.
I love digital scrap booking/ graphic designing, cross stitching, reading and now gardening LOL
I'm a full time house wife who still never finds as much time for hobbies as I would like but I am luckier than most ROFL


5 May, 2010


hi from me Cheryl,i am 60 next month ouch that hurt... married have 5 children 16 grandchildren,finished work 2 yrs ago, i go to art class once a week,have 2 allotments,i enjoy photography,walking,holidays,cooking and also enjoy using the computer even if i cant keep up with the jargon..ROFL ??? lol

5 May, 2010


HI do you find time to do anything with 3 children to run round after? I find it really hard when the step kids stay over...they drain me : /


5 May, 2010


Haha Joan, 60 is the new 50 so dont worry about age and Im sure them 16 grandchildren keep you young.
Wheres your favourite place to holiday? x

5 May, 2010


Sorry Joanella ;O) ROFL = Rolling on floor laughing

5 May, 2010


Cheryl I am lucky as the youngest is 13 LOL
I get my days fairly free other than hubby here and there.

5 May, 2010


HI cheryl, I have just got my freedom pass which enables me to travel to my daughters free to look after our grandson for two days a week ! The rest of the time I am at home as I have retired from looking after children with special needs. :o)) We have been in our house for 36 years and I have packed the garden with plants so therefor no space left and also not a lot of work either, which leaves us fairly free to go out where we please. I was once very involved at our church doing the flowers for weddings and special occasions but not any more, the youngsters do it now and we can just admire. I love to take close up pictures of flowers, I love nature, I provide mason bees with new homes each year and I love to hear the birds, sadly I am not a cat lover because next doors cat came in our house and took our budgie aged ten then and he died of shock, :o((( so I wont have animals anymore, aaaahhhhh. I love to see other folks gardens & flowers here on this wonderful website. ! and I love chatting --------------------------- :o)

5 May, 2010


Hi Cheryl,I am 48, married,no kids but take on rescue dogs~Raffles is my latest,a cross jack Russel with heaven knows what lol! I am a Jazz vocalist in my spare time,am doing a garden history Course at College,and hoping to work towards a Garden Design career,as passionate about gardening,especially since I became a GoY! I love macro photography,West End Shows, and am a avid reader,and love a good old chuckle! :~))x

5 May, 2010


wow you guys all have so much going on...when do you find the time to do your gardens lol.

raffles is such a cute name florib...we had a little dog called "noodles" but he seemed to love our neighbour in our old home more than us(she doggysat while I was in work) so we let her adopt him x

where would we be without fre childcare from our parents grandmage :) im with you on the cats, your garden is a joy and i hope ours looks so well in 36 yrs x

my seven year old is a mightmare at times julie so i do not envy you with teenagers x

5 May, 2010


If you go onto my photos,Cheryl,you can meet some of my other rescues, everyone of them very special.........:~))

5 May, 2010


thank you Julie..:o)
Cheryl i dont have a favorite place really as we like to go to different places mostly abroad though..i need the

5 May, 2010


Hi Cheryl
I was 60 yesterday
I like making pottery things, drawing and tracing my ancestors - just as much as being in the garden. They get me through the winter :o)
I can speak Welsh and English, but often get the two mixed up .. lol

5 May, 2010


Hi Cheryl, I am 42, married and have two daughters, eldest 16 next week!! and youngest 8, enjoy cooking and listening to music and spending time with my family, do a mean chicken tikka masala from scratch!! I work part time as an administrator. We have lived in this house for 12 years and got the passion for gardening around 10 years ago. Planted up the garden slowly over the years not really knowing how i wanted it just went with the flow, but having a passion for all the lovely plants. Two years ago had the house extended at the back and had new patio built so now i am determined to get some sort of order into the garden and would like borders all the way round as at the moment just have a border down each side, would like to enclose the garden a bit more. With all the gardening magazines and books that fill my cupboards i should have some pretty good ideas by now! Have talked about gardening again!
Jane X

5 May, 2010


Hywel, I am doing my family tree too ! I have just been round three church yards and found my great great grandma and her family plot also a great uncle, I get such a tingle when I find another name to add to my big jigsaw !! Dont forget to take pictures of the headstone too to help you log the details.

6 May, 2010


Granmage & Hywel,im in the same club as you 2, just done mine on Ancestry united ..fantastic site..:o)

6 May, 2010


Joan e I was scared to go on ancestry in case it cost toooo much !! I have been doing alright on my own but might have to use it sometime.

6 May, 2010


I started it in 1975 after my grandparents died. There were no computers then. I went around the public records offices and graveyards etc. I've gone back to 1680, I don't bother much with the internet. I've gone back much further than it can help you.

6 May, 2010


It's most interesting isn't it Hywel, I really love doing mine but it takes time, so a little piece at a time. :o~)

6 May, 2010


Quite !

6 May, 2010

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