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Not long left till the Gardening Comp :/


Morning all.

Its been a while since I visited you all so I thought a blog would be the best way to keep you all up to date with what myself and my garden have been up to.

Firstly me and my partner are back together :) think the break did us both the world of good and made us focus on the important things in our relationship.

Secondly the local garden comp is only two weeks away!!!!! i really hope my flowers stay as lush as they are now and dont dry out in this heat. A hose pipe ban is in place in the north west so its either bath myself or water my plants…guess im going to be a bit smelly haha, think i will buy some water retaining crystals for by pots today, hopefully this will help me keep on top of them. Also having a nightmare with my lawn. Spent the past couple of weekends weeding it(thank god its only small) had these crazy weeds that where like vines tangled up all over the place. I have kept on top of it and so far its mostly weed free but looks so dull and patchy now…any advice on how to get it lush and green will be greatly appreciated guys.x

Thirdly my little green house has not gone as well as i hoped it would. I planted up three grow bags with lettuce, tomatoes and peppers and im sad to say only the peppers have come on,all but one of the tomatoes died on me(my cherry tomatoe plant is still going strong), think i over waterd them and the lettuce…well i think i packed to many into one bag and they just over took eachother. Had a good crop of strawberries which came in handy last weekend for the wimbledon final :) not sure what you do with them after you have removed all the strawberries…will they grow again or is it time to re-home it to the wheelie bin?

Right, well the sun in beaming down in sunny Liverpool this morning and im up bright and early so a trip to the garden center is on the cards.Got the step kids coming this afternoon so will have my little helpers to hand.

Hope you are all well and your gardens are bringing you all as much joy as mine is.

Keep Happy

Cheryl x

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Hello Cheryl
I keep reading about a hose pipe ban but I've never heard of that expression b4. I take it that it means no useing ur hose to water ur garden. I also take it that it mean u are not getting rain. How unusual but then we have no sunshine! How unusual is that for LA in July!

Strawberries keep growing & increasing every yr. so don't discard of them.
Yes sadly u may have watered ur tomatoes to death they are a bit tender in that way when small. Try saving a few seeds from a eaten tomato put them on a paper towel to dry out then lay paper towel on a pot of soil and sprinkle some potting soil over it & water. I have loads of tomatoes plants coming up from doing that. If they don't sprout soon take a stick and fluff up the soil a bit keep watering until the sprout then ease back on it. Only water when dry or droopy.
Best of luck & please send me back my sun. :-)

10 Jul, 2010


Nice to have you back on GoY.. good luck with the comp. :o)

10 Jul, 2010


HI Angie.

Yes as from yesterday the North West of England is under a hose pipe ban and yes it means you are prohibited from using your hose pipe to water your garden or wash you car due to the low water levels in the local reservoirs. It has been a dry summer so far with not much rain so my water butt is pretty dry also.Its a bit of a pain as its a nightmare to water all my baskets and pots with a watering can and my wild flower borders are really dry so im planning on using my hose pipe just to water the borders and lawn every other day till the ban passes(I will cut back on other water that i use ie shower instead of bathing and hope the police dont drive past as im watering my plants ha)

Thanks for the advice on the tomatoes and strawberries, I will try that and let you know how I get on.

Sorry to hear your not having the usual sunny weather in LA but Im going to keep hold of the sunshine and nice weather for a little while longer if you dont mind, it will be back to dreary old rain and coldness here before we know it :)


10 Jul, 2010


Thanks Terratoonie.

Not long left for the comp, im getting all excited..I just hope I place and the judges like my displays, i know my neighbours do :) x

10 Jul, 2010


Great to hear things are going well for you. The lawn will suffer till it really turns wet but that must be the same for all entrants? So good luck and lets see some pics?

10 Jul, 2010


Hi Im new to GoY, Just read your story and want to wish you all the best for the comp! Katie

10 Jul, 2010


Hi Cheryl. I'm pleased you and your partner are back together and hope you will both be very happy. It's dry and threatening rain here in the North East, but luckily no hosepipe ban for us yet. Good luck for your competition...:o)

10 Jul, 2010


Hi Cheryl! Oh it is lovely to have you back here with us! I have been wondering how you were getting on.....Am glad to hear all is well, and I wish you tons of success in the Gardening Competition~it's really nice to hear from you. :~))

10 Jul, 2010


We have a local Garden Comp every year, and the prizes are lovely Terrcotta glazed Pots, from the smallest, to absolutely huge ones....;Last year we were in the top six gardens judged, and we had a beautiful double handled brown glazed pot, which proudly houses our twisted stemmed indoor Fig tree......
There is strong competition, but we enter just for all gardens in the Village are then entered into a regional final, and every garden helps....
I used to go in for serious competition in the UK......but it is extremly hard work; though I did win Southern Counties for the Isle of Wight in the 90's, and our local Village comp three times....So good luck....anyone who takes part...

10 Jul, 2010


Thank you all for your kind words, its nice to know I have been in your thoughts x

Crissue, It just for fun...o who am I kidding I want to win :) x

Drc726 plenty of new pics up now, hope you like :) x

Kpjo Thank you and welcome to Goy :) x

10 Jul, 2010


Nice to hear from you again. I hope you'll be able to stay around now :o)

10 Jul, 2010


Your garden looks a picture so good luck for the comp, I think your wild flower border looks terrific too. Its nice to have you back.

10 Jul, 2010


Crissue, It just for fun...o who am I kidding I want to win

I know what you mean....when I was really serious I used to get up in the early hours just make sure there wasn't a hint of weed or dead bloom to take off.....when it came down to the nitty gritty, it could be one of those things that could lose you the title......Here it's more on the well as the Plant/Flowers.....but there are some ladies that have been entering for years that seem to get the top slots every time.....We've added a small Pond this year, which I hope will help us into the top three at least....she says.....;good luck to us both......

11 Jul, 2010


Im not that bad just yet crissue, love my sleep to much to be getting up at silly am :) but i do tend to potter about a bit to much at night,to the point my son has to remind me its almost bed time :/

Im not sure who else has entered the comp, I know Im the only house in our street that has. It a relatively new competition(think this is its 3rd year) that the local housing association has set up to try and encourage residents to take more pride in their homes(sadly not everybody shares our love of gardening or indeed pride about their homes) I will be delighted if I win or even place but the happiness I have had from people stopping and admiring my front garden is a delight in itself. Hopefully I will set a president in my street and more people will get involved next summer.

ps...good luck in your comp also, im sure we will do fine x

11 Jul, 2010


Can't wait to see how you do lpooldarlin, fingers and toes crossed for you....:o)

11 Jul, 2010


Hi Lpooldarlin.....I don't know how soon you get your results after the comp.
but we don't know until the day....and that day is by invitation only in November.....long least when the letter arrives, we know we've been included in the prize winners....

18 Jul, 2010


hey crissue

well the judges are due around on thursday morning, i will ask then as im not sure when we get the results x

19 Jul, 2010

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