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Morning all.

Been a few weeks since I last posted anything but I have been working hard in the garden and things are starting to come on great…apart from my hanging baskets :(

Anyway today I am going to put garden therapy to the test, see if it can take my mind of things.. (me and my partner of 3 years have decided to have a break, he has moved out, im not sure what the future holds for us but i think the break will do me good)

So…up bright and early,my sons at his dads, the garden center is calling me and a messy back garden to tend to, on such a lovely day I cant think of anything else better to do :)

Hope you are all enjoying this heat wave we are having, just dont forget the sun block :)

hugs cheryl x

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Sorry if you are feeling sad at the mo, take heart and plunge yourself into some retail therapy, only at the garden centre mind !!! Have a lovely day, the sun is just georgeous gonna put the umbrella up !!
Look after yourself and enjoy your garden. x

23 May, 2010


Hope you sort things out, nothing like being in the garden as you say, to ease stress and chill abit, yes weather lovely! XX

23 May, 2010


Hope your therapy works. Slowly does it - one day at a time, take care.

23 May, 2010


Keep positive and enjoy your gardening! Hope you didn't spend too much at the garden centre....:o)

23 May, 2010


When I got divorced my garden saved my sanity! Its a good job the garden was such a mess I had too much to think about clearing all the rubbish out of it to think about anything else!! Everything happens for a reason. Its just a break - see how you feel in a few weeks.

23 May, 2010


There is nothing like gardening therapy, it'll certainly help you. :o)

23 May, 2010


Sometimes we just have to take a step back from a situation in order to see it more clearly. Having time to yourself in the garden will help. It will give you a chance to let things fall into place. Good luck for the future. Whatever it holds you'll get by :o))

23 May, 2010


Morning all, Thank you all for the positivity.

Had a very busy day yesterday, painted the fences(ran out of stain with only half a panel left to do grrrrr), planted up some baskets and tended to my veg.

Did not go mad at the garden center, just a few bedding plants.

Today im planning on cutting the grass..well the patch of weeds that think they are grass!!!! and tidy round a bit more.

Will up load some pics as soon as i find my camera.

Hugs x

24 May, 2010


I think we would all agree that gardening does relieve some of the stress - take each day one at a time and remember things will get easier.

24 May, 2010

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