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These last few days have been very hot and the gardens have required lots of watering. The lawns are very parched, we really could do wth some rain ( but only during the night ! )
These are photos were taken this afternoon.

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Just popped in to see what everyone had been up to and saw your blog Marjories, I'm afraid I succomed and got out the hosepipe tonight. I bet your pots and planters take some watering in this hot weather. Yes, I agree we could do with some rain...but only at night. BTW, I think your tall planter in the second picture is lovely.

27 Jun, 2018


Love that big terracotta planter! (along with everything else...)

28 Jun, 2018


Your garden is coping well with the extreme temps Marjorie. The Clematis in the 1st photo is beautiful :)

29 Jun, 2018


What is that white rose on the pillar please? It's gorgeous!

30 Jun, 2018


PB123 The Rose is called Rambling Rector. It was chopped down to the base last year with the intention of removing it completely but we left a bit of the root stock in accidently and it has regrown but we are now going to contain it and grow it as a column. It is very prolific .

Thank you for your comments.

30 Jun, 2018


Ah yes, I know Rambling Rector: it wants to get BIG! Generally it's used to grow into trees isn't it? D'you think it will work OK to keep constraining it? I'm interested 'cos it's just the sort of rose I'd love to have but thought I didn't have space for.

5 Jul, 2018


Hello Pb the rose originally covered our pergola and was really beautiful but it needed quite a lot of care and we are not as agile as we were. We have always been quite brutal with it so I don't think you will have any problems with it.
I have just cut of all the finished flowers and have trimmed it back and I will constrain it to keep it like a pillar. Good luck if you get one.

6 Jul, 2018


Does it repeat flower?

7 Jul, 2018


Hello Pb it only flowers late May or early June. When it has done flowering I cut off the dead roses and trim back the foliage to keep it in order other wise it will romp away.
Of cause it depends on what you are growing it on.

14 Jul, 2018

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